Natalie Phillips, AuD

No haga concesiones cuando se trata de su tratamiento auditivo. Al seguir las mejores prácticas de audiología y desarrollar protocolos de tratamiento nuevos y eficaces, su proveedor local de la red Hearing Up puede lograr los mejores resultados del sector para sus pacientes.


Audiology Center of Northern Colorado

2001 S. Shields St.
Bldg. H #102
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Acerca de su audiólogo local aprobado por el Dr. Cliff

Dr. Natalie Phillips is the owner of Audiology Center of Northern Colorado in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Dr. Phillips has served on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Academy of Audiology and on various convention committees for the American Academy of Audiology as well as the Support Personnel Task Force.  Dr. Phillips served on the Legacy Project Steering Committee and is a Global Ambassador Emeritus for Empowering A Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020), a global initiative and movement to provide the tools, technology, and resources to empower women as leaders and successful entrepreneurs.  Dr. Phillips LOVES the ability to engage with patients of all ages and solve diagnostic ear and balance disorder puzzles using advanced evaluation measures, manage and treat tinnitus and sound sensitivity, work with bone anchored hearing devices and cochlear implants, and partner closely with a brain injury and concussion specialist. Dr. Phillips adheres to audiology Best Practices and approaches each patient treatment individually and comprehensively to ensure her patients have the best success. She is blessed to continue to have the trust from her patients to provide them with the best care. Dr. Phillips is appreciative of the efforts of Dr. Cliff Olson and his team to continue to create outstanding content to help bring hearing awareness to both consumers and professionals. As some of our patients travel from out of state to see us for our specialty services, we understand the hurdles for patients to travel a distance as well as being able to serve these patients in a timely manner.  If we were to refer our patients to someone closer, we would want to be able to make sure they would be taken care of like our own and providers vetted in the process.  Our Doctors of Audiology have already been providing the list of Dr. Cliff AuD required Best Practices, therefore, it made sense to be able to provide this option for individuals not able or willing to travel and stay closer to home."‍ ‍‍‍

Why Choose Dr. Phillips with Audiology Center of Northern Colorado?

Atención mejor valorada

Audiology Center of Norther Colorado is consistently the most highly rated hearing practice in Fort Collins for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

Aprobado por el Dr. Cliff

Dr. Phillips has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that she follows Best Practices in patient care.

La mejor tecnología auditiva

As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Dr. Phillips will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

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Qué es una audienciaArriba ¿Proveedor?

Trabajar con un audiólogo que siga las mejores prácticas (al igual que Doctor Cliff lo hace en sus clínicas) es la clave para una experiencia de cuidado auditivo que transforme la vida.

Por eso se creó nuestra red, para ayudar a personas como usted a encontrar un audiólogo local que siga las mejores prácticas.

Solo alrededor del 20% de los proveedores siguen las mejores prácticas de audiología

La elección de un proveedor de la red HearingUp garantiza que recibirá una atención auditiva que incluya las mejores prácticas, lo que le permitirá tener una mejor audición cuando más importa.

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