DWM Audiology

DWM Audiology

Don't compromise when it comes to your hearing care treatment. By following Hearing Care Best Practices and developing new and effective treatment protocols, DWM Audiology in Heidelberg is able to achieve industry-leading patient outcomes.

DWM Audiology

74 Mount Street
Heidelberg , VIC 3084
03 9457 6588

About your local Dr. Cliff Approved Audiologist

Our philosophy at DWM Audiology is to provide the best quality services, with strict consideration of the ethics involved.  A simple but profound mindset that steers everything we do, so we are a natural fit to meet the strict protocols required to be a HearingUp Provider!  

We are proud of our high word of mouth recommendation - our patients choose our clinic because of our reputation.  Independent survey results and genuine Google reviews demonstrate consistently high patient satisfaction with our hearing aid services.

DWM Audiology is owned and run by audiologists, allowing a fully independent choice of hearing aids and hearing care services.  Our clinic was one of the first private audiology practices in Australia, owned by a series of audiologists, with a long tradition of providing ethical, patient-centred, best quality services. 

Hearing and communication are vital to remain engaged with all life has to offer and to maintain your cognitive function and psychological health.  We understand the significant impact hearing loss can have on your quality of life.

Our audiologists offer extensive experience in hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting/fine-tuning and hearing rehabilitation.  Our wide range of medical referrals reflect how our clinic is valued for our expertise with complex rehabilitative audiological needs.

DWM Audiology offers hearing aids at an affordable price. This includes unlimited and extensive follow-up support, and a comprehensive hearing aid maintenance service.  

Our clinic is located in Heidelberg, 11km northeast of the Melbourne CBD.

We provide specialised audiology services for tinnitus, hyperacusis, acoustic shock, misophonia and tensor tympani syndrome (TTS).  Our reputation, both Australia-wide and internationally, as a leader in these specialised services has earned us a global online patient base.   

Why choose DWM Audiology?

Top-Rated Care

DWM Audiology is consistently one of the top hearing aid clinics in Heidelberg for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

Dr. Cliff Approved

DWM Audiology has completed a thorough vetting process to verify that they follow Best Practices in hearing aid fittings, making sure you get the best possible outcome with your new devices.

Top Hearing Technology

DWM Audiology in Heidelberg works with the latest hearing aid technology and will hand-pick the best hearing tech for your unique needs.

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What is a HearingUp Provider?

Working with an Audiologist that follows best practices (just like Dr. Cliff does in his clinics) is the key to a life-transforming hearing care experience.

That's why our network was created, to help people just like you find a local audiologist in Australia that follows these Best Practices.

Only about 20% of providers follow audiology best practices

Choosing a HearingUp Network Provider ensures that you will receive hearing care that includes Best Practices -- leading to your best hearing when it matters the most.

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