Al Turri, AuD

Al Turri, AuD

Don't compromise when it comes to your hearing care treatment. By following Audiology Best Practices and developing new and effective treatment protocols, your local Hearing Up Network Provider is able to achieve industry-leading patient outcomes.

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About your local Dr. Cliff Approved Audiologist

Hometown: Rochester, New YorkUndergraduate: University of South FloridaGraduate School: Salus University School of AudiologyInternship/Residency: Veterans Administration Medical CenterBoard Certified: American Board of Audiology"I treat every patient like family and if I wouldn't do it for my mom or dad then I don't do it for a patient. Hearing, like life itself, is a precious gift – it deserves special care so my goal is to deliver special care."Why do you feel Best Practices are critical for optimal Hearing Aid performance?"First and foremost because it’s based on science!  We know that Best Practices produce best results so starting there is always good." Why did you feel compelled to join the Dr. Cliff Approved Provider Network?"Where else can you find a group of like-minded audiologists that take Best Practice seriously and live it daily.  I love having a network of providers around the country that I can refer patients to without second guessing  whether or not that they are going be taken care of.  Additionally, I get to provide that piece of mind to others when they have patients visiting or relocating to The Villages." What do you like best about Audiology?"That it never gets boring!  Each patient is unique and for 20 years I’ve never felt like I was going to work.  Every day I get challenged, I learn something and best of all I help people all day so it is fulling and rewarding." What was your journey to becoming an Audiologist?"By total accident!  I stuttered when I was a kid and a speech pathologist fixed me in elementary school. During college I started selling flowers and opened a wholesale / retail flower business in St. Petersburg that I eventually sold to go back to get a masters degree in Speech Language Pathology so that I could help kids like I was helped.  I saved intro to audiology until the end because I really had no interest in this required class but after observing three audiologists fit patient s, I was hooked.  I clearly remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck and getting goosebumps watching people be turned on for the first time with hearing devices.  I still get that sensation from time to time at the office helping patients so I’m so glad that they made me take that class." ‍
Al Turri, AuD

Why Choose Dr. Turri with The Villages Health System

Top-Rated Care

The Villages Health System is consistently the most highly rated hearing practice in The Villages, FL for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

Dr. Cliff Approved

Dr. Turri has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that he follows Best Practices in patient care.

Top Hearing Technology

As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Dr. Turri will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

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What is a HearingUp Provider?

Working with an Audiologist that follows best practices (just like Dr. Cliff does in his clinics) is the key to a life-transforming hearing care experience.

That's why our network was created, to help people just like you find a local audiologist that follows Best Practices.

Only about 20% of providers follow audiology best practices

Choosing a HearingUp Network Provider ensures that you will receive hearing care that includes Best Practices -- leading to your best hearing when it matters the most.

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