Matthew Seldine, AuD

Matthew Seldine, AuD

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Dr. Matthew Seldine is a full-time clinical audiologist serving patients in Delray Beach, FL. Having been with Hearing Partners of South Florida for several years he has developed a strong understanding of what drives his patients to pursue improving their lives and the lives of those around them – the ability to communicate more effectively, not just hear more sound. In order to help his patients achieve their goals, he believes in employing Patient Centered Care utilizing audiological Best Practices.  Dr. Seldine knows that every patient is unique and their management requires careful consideration of medical history, presentation of symptoms, and specific communication needs and goals. Therefore, proper identification of communication disorders via thorough application of diagnostics is crucial. Beyond this, audiologists are responsible for providing recommendations of appropriate treatment options including those incorporating hearing devices all while adhering to the clinical Best Practices that set each patient up for success. With the understanding that every patient will require a slightly different individualized approach, what Dr. Seldine believes applies to every patient is the importance of developing a supportive long-term care plan to help continually strengthen the treatment understanding and maintain healthy listening habits over time. It is for these reasons that Dr. Seldine believes Best Practices are essential in achieving not only optimal hearing device performance, but audiological outcomes overall. Ensuring an accurate diagnosis coupled with a personalized fitting, verified programming utilizing Real Ear Measures, and monitoring and management of the acoustic performance of hearing devices over time with the help of electroacoustic measures is what helps set patients up for success. Following up these objective measures with subjective and qualitative assessments allows for a holistic view of every patient, an approach that promotes patient inclusion and opinion during appointments. The Dr. Cliff Network also believes in this philosophy of Patient Centered Care which is why Dr. Seldine feels compelled to be part of a group of like-minded audiologists all committed to excellence.  Much thought goes into treating any patient who needs help hearing. Even more thought goes into listening to every individual patient and helping them improve their ability to communicate more effectively and lead a more confident life every day. Getting to enjoy the positive outcomes and improvements in the lives of his patients is what motivates Dr. Seldine in his practice of audiology. ‍
Matthew Seldine, AuD

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Hearing Partners of South Florida is consistently the most highly rated hearing practice in Delray Beach area for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

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Dr. Matthew Seldine has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that he follows best practices in patient care.

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As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Dr. Seldine will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

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