Sarah Curtis, AuD

Sarah Curtis, AuD

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Sarah Curtis, Au.D. is a Doctor of Audiology and Owner of Sounds of Life Hearing Center in Concord Township, Ohio. Dr. Curtis opened her practice in 2018, 8 years after obtaining her degree and practicing, with the mission to provide exemplary, best-practice, patient-centered hearing healthcare to her community.Studies estimate about 70% of people with hearing loss are not obtaining treatment. They are struggling but could be living much better lives if they received the right kind of hearing care. Many people struggle with hearing loss not because they have not tried to treat it, but because their investments were not met with acceptable outcomes. It is not uncommon to hear: “My friend spent $8,000 on hearing aids and they didn’t help him at all” or “I tried 3 different pairs and I still couldn’t understand what anyone said if it was noisy – they just kept telling me if I bought the best technology, I’d do better.”No one should ever be sold hearing aids. They should invest in the rehabilitation of their hearing and overall healthcare. At Sounds of Life Hearing Center, Dr. Curtis ensures that the latter is always true. By using electroacoustic analyses to ensure that devices are functioning correctly; verification of output via Real-Ear Measures to assist programming and adequately amplify such that conversational speech is audible; and counseling throughout the diagnostic and rehabilitative process, Dr. Curtis’s patients consistently exceed their own expectations and are living better lives. It takes only a brief look at reviews of her practice to confirm that the level of service delivery and dedication to patient outcomes is unmet in her community.--Dr. Curtis graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2010 with her Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) and a concentration in aural rehabilitation. She obtained internship opportunities in the Knox County Public Schools, Tennessee School for the Deaf, Perkins School for the Blind, and the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Following graduation worked for Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center (Lakeland, FL), University Hospitals (Cleveland, OH) and CVS.Dr. Curtis is a native of Painesville and Mentor, Ohio. She is a Mentor High graduate and obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Youngstown State University (Go Penguins!). Her wonderful husband is Daniel (who built this awesome website) and they chase their kids (Zach and Ellie), two dogs, and two cats around for fun. She is a lover of music, yummy food, Disney (and Disney World), docuseries based on veterinarian clinics and zoos, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.‍‍
Sarah Curtis, AuD

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Sounds of Life Hearing Center is consistently the most highly rated hearing practice in Concord for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

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Dr. Curtis has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that she follows Best Practices in patient care.

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As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Dr. Curtis will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

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