3 Ways Custom Hearing Aids Could Be a BETTER Option for YOU!

Reasons Why Custom Hearing Aids Might Be Better for You

There are a lot of options in hearing aids today. Yet, even with a variety of styles and fitted solutions available, custom hearing aids are sometimes just better. Learning the benefits of custom hearing aids may help you make better decisions about the type right for your needs. 

Today, many people who need hearing aids receive a receiver-in-canal or receiver-in-the-hear hearing aid. These types of hearing aids make up about 79% of all hearing aids used today. There are benefits to this type, such as fast fitting and decent treatment of hearing loss. Customer hearing aids, on the other hand, are not new. Rather, they were the primary option used prior to 2003. They do have a lot of advantages over the style of hearing aids, so many people use today. 

Wind Noise 

For those who spend time outside, the environment can be a beautiful thing. However, with hearing aids that have a microphone behind the ears, being outside can become less comfortable. That is because those microphones pick up a lot of the noise in the environment, including wind noise. Wind noise itself can be highly distracting, and it makes it very hard to distinguish what someone is saying when there is so much wind noise.

With custom hearing aids, this does not have to happen. That is because the microphones are placed on the device that is placed inside of the ear. That does not cause any pain or discomfort, but it does alleviate the risk that wind and other environmental sounds that are less beneficial – like echoes or traffic congestion – is going to limit your ability to hear well. 

Another way this is beneficial is from very soft sounds. For example, your hair can easily brush up against the microphones. When this happens, it creates a very loud and annoying sound. But, when the microphone is placed within the ear, that no longer happens. The ear itself works to protect the microphone from that type of rubbing. 

Hats, Glasses, and Masks

One of the most important benefits of custom hearing aids is that you can remove them from behind your ear with ease. If you consider the pandemic for a moment and the frequency of people wearing masks, you can see the benefits of being able to remove the hearing aid from behind the ear. Hats, glasses, and masks commonly have difficulty fitting properly or coming off without pulling the hearing aid out of your ear.  

With custom hearing aids, it is possible to take all of the components that are placed behind the ear and get them fitted into the ear. That alleviates the frustration you may feel as a result of the device behind your ear. More so, for those who like to wear anything else behind their ears, like hats or masks, these items compete for the space that is being taken up by the receiver-in-canal hearing aid. That means that you may have to choose, or in some cases, your hearing aid will fall off.

Physical Fit

With custom hearing aids, the fit is one of the best benefits. The first step is for your provider to determine if custom hearing aids are the right choice for your needs. If they are, then they will take a custom impression of your ear. The process involves a small device placed into the ear to create a plug. Then, a putty is placed into the ear. This takes a few minutes to solidify. 

Then, the manufacturer digitally scans them, creating exact sizing to ensure that the hearing aid will fit within your ear perfectly. They fit your anatomy perfectly. The result of this is that, beyond a doubt, the hearing aid is comfort. It is also much easier for you to insert them into your ear and take them out. That makes it less likely that you will drop them or that you will be bothered by them throughout the day. For many people, that is a critically beneficial feature. 

Customizing the Prescription 

Yet another important way that these hearing aids are so beneficial to many people is because they can be customized to fit your specific prescription needs. Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are a common option because they can be placed very easily and quickly. That means they can provide you with the restoration of your hearing pretty soon after you receive a prescription. These solutions use a dome to improve hearing. However, that is not always the best option for you.

For some people, like those who have high-frequency hearing loss, hearing loss in the lower frequency ranges, or hearing loss that is severe, a custom hearing aid provides a better result. The reason this is the case is because custom hearing aids allow for more control over the customizations within the ear than what occurs with a ready-made receiver-in-canal hearing aid. The custom hearing aid has the proper amount of venting. That creates a better result in terms of improving hearing loss than what you would get from a traditional dome, which is what the receiver-in-canal style offers. 

What Is Best for You?

Custom fit hearing aids offer lots of benefits, but it is still important to work with your hearing aid professional to find out what type of hearing loss you have and which hearing aids are a good choice for you. The benefits of custom hearing aids are easy to see for most people. However, it is also important for you to consider which specific brands of hearing aids may be the best solution. 

Your hearing aid professional will help you to compare several types to determine which one offers the level of comfort and function you need while providing the best level of sound quality for you. For many people, custom hearing aids are the best option, even though they may take a bit longer to place. The customization features, including comfort, the full in-the-ear design, and the custom setting options, enable them to work better for most people.

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