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Video transcript

Video transcript

Success with hearing treatment depends on a lot more than just how good your hearing aids are.  Success with hearing treatment ultimately depends on how well those hearing aids have been fit and programmed by your hearing care professional.  In order to receive the full amount of benefit from hearing aids, your hearing care professional needs to follow Best Practices.  Just like any medical profession, there are specific guidelines that must be followed to maximize your treatment outcomes.  If those guidelines are ignored, your treatment will suffer as a result.

If you follow my Doctor Cliff, AuD YouTube channel regularly, then you already know that there are more important factors than just hearing aids, called Best Practices, that will determine how much benefit you will get with hearing aids.  You also know that I have very little tolerance for hearing care professionals who refuse to follow Best Practices when evaluating, prescribing, and fitting hearing aids.  This is precisely what they should be doing as professionals in the hearing healthcare industry.  

Fortunately, individuals just like yourself, are beginning to demand a higher quality of care from hearing care professionals, and you're starting to ask the right questions instead of just asking for the newest latest and greatest hearing aid.  

The problem is, it is nearly impossible to identify if a hearing care provider follows Best Practices, especially since all published industry data suggests that very few hearing care professionals actually perform them on a regular basis.  This is precisely why I started the Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider Network.  Instead of me telling you what things to look for in a hearing care provider, I just decided to do the hard work for you by creating a Network of professionals who follow Best Practices.  Not just some of them....all of them.  

Basically I took all of the Best Practice Guidelines for the Audiologic Management of Adult Hearing Impairment, and created a series of Best Practice Checklists and added some additional criteria to ensure your best interests are Priority #1.  Not only do these hearing care providers have to follow best practices, they have to agree to the following as well:

1. They have to agree to be a Fiduciary and only act in your best interest.

2. They must have the ability to offer, at a minimum, two different brands of hearing aids to prevent manufacturer bias.

3. They cannot dispense locked hearing aids.4. They must send calibration records to ensure they have the equipment necessary to perform all of these best practices.

Once completing my Provider Webinar on and pass my exam with a 100% score.  Following this, providers can submit an application which I will personally evaluate to ensure they meet all Network Requirements.  Then, following an interview with me, a determination will be made if they will be allowed in the Network.  These providers will pay an Annual Membership fee which will help to create more informational video content on Best Practices for consumers.  

To find a Doctor Cliff AuD Approved Provider near you, go to my website , and Click on the “Find A Provider” tab in the menu bar.  This will bring up a Provider Locator Map where you can search for a Dr. Cliff Approved Provider in your area.  New providers are being added each week so if you don’t find one in your area yet, check back often.  Then, print off the Best Practice Checklists to take with you to your appointment.  Each Approved Provider will check off each item on the checklist and sign it when completed with your appointment, giving you confidence that every Best Practice has been taken into account when treating you with hearing aids.  

Even if you don't find a Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider near you, I would still highly recommend printing off the Best Practice checklists and take them into whatever hearing care professional you decide to see.  Ultimately, my goal is to help you identify a provider who follows these Best Practices so you can get the hearing treatment that you truly deserve.  After all, if you are going to spend your hard earned money on hearing aids, you might as well get what you pay for, since you may pay the same amount of money whether you receive Best Practices or not.

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