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Video transcript indicated in a survey that 70% of hearing aid users would prefer a rechargeable hearing aid.  All 6 Major manufacturers have developed a rechargeable hearing aid option.  However, Phonak has taken it a step further.

The Phonak Audeo BR hearing aid uses Lithium Ion rechargeable battery technology instead of Nickel Metal Hydride or Silver Zinc batteries.  


1. Battery Life - 24 hours on one charge leads the industry

2. Quick Charging - 6 hours of battery life on a 30 minute charge

3. Charger Accessories - The charger has the ability to double as a hearing aid dehydrator, and also has a power pack that you can travel with for 7 additional charges.

4. Works with other Phonak Accessories - If you have a ComPilot 2, TvLink 2, or a Roger Pen, you can still use them with these devices.

5. Lifespan of Lithium Batteries - Lithium Ion Batteries last 4 years as opposed to 1 year for other rechargeable options.6. Sleek Design - If you want a sleek looking hearing aid, this is your device.


1. On/Off Button - You have to turn the device on when taking it out of the charger.  If you want rechargeable so you don't have to fumble with batteries,  having to press a button doesn't help.  

2. Can't use disposable - If you run out of battery while at dinner, you can't use disposable batteries.  Either recharge or nothing.

3. Thickness - These devices are a little thicker so if you don't have enough space behind your ears, it could be a problem.

Remember to make sure that you receive Real Ear Measures with any hearing aid you get.

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