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Video transcript

Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries 101 -

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I recently had a chance to learn about hearing aid batteries and the new Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries from some engineers at Rayovac.  This is what I learned about their new batteries:

1. 2017 Field Study - Rayovac compared their previous battery technology with their Proline Advanced technology and discovered that patients were getting an extra 2 days of battery life with their reformulated size 312 batteries.  Participants didn't know what batteries they were receiving and reported usage data to determine the results.  

2. Chemistry - Zinc isn't the only thing inside of Zinc-Air disposable hearing aid batteries.  There are also other alloys and electrolytes that can be added to improve performance.  The new chemical compound increases not only the battery life, but the efficiency of the battery.  This increased the efficiency of the batteries by 5%.

3. New Battery Cell Design - Just like increasing the size of your vehicle gas tank, Rayovac maximized the internal space of their batteries.  Essentially, this increased the size of their gas tank so they could increase the amount of zinc and other compounds inside of their batteries.

4. Secure Seal - The seal of a battery is important.  This prevents leakage and battery depleting effects of moisture and temperature.  This keeps the battery performing consistently and optimally.

5. Packaging - While this has no impact on the battery performance, Rayovac improved their packaging.  Instead of opening from behind, the batteries dispense from the front which is much more intuitive.  They also have a rotating dial that is easier to manipulate.  They also added longer tabs to the batteries to make them easier to remove.  Overall, the new packaging was a massive improvement.  

6. Cost - If all these improvements made the cost significantly higher, they wouldn't be worth it.  However, the engineers estimated a 15% improvement in battery life and performance at an increased cost of only 10%.  This doesn't include the improved performance of the packaging either.  

7. Milliamp Hours (mAh) is a fallacy - Efficiencies of batteries drop when mA requirements go up.  Hearing aids will generally function at 2 mA but when digital features and streaming are enabled, drain can go up to 5 mA.  This means that an inefficient battery rated for 190 mAh may perform worse than a 170 mAh battery that is extremely efficient.  This is why Rayovac doesn't play the mAh game.  

This day in age, that method of rating is out of date with current hearing aid technology.Bottom line, you should be testing multiple batteries to determine which batteries make your hearing aids perform the best for the longest.  Just make sure one of the batteries you try is the New Rayovac Proline Advanced.DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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