ReSound ENZO 3D Power Hearing Aids Review

Video transcript

Video transcript

I regularly recommend hearing aids from 4 of the 6 major hearing aid manufacturers.  

However, when it comes to treating individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, I get a little more picky.One of my favorite devices for treating this severity of hearing loss is the ReSound ENZO 3D 88's and 98's for 3 main reasons.1. They crank out the volume - The 88s are the High-Power version of the ENZO 3Ds.  They have a fitting range that tops out at 105 dBHL and are perfect for people with draining ears or proned to ear infections.  The 98s are the Super-Power version of the ENZO 3Ds.  

They max out at 120 dBHL across the entire frequency range.  Hearing aids don't get more powerful than this.2. They have the best smartphone app on the market - From adjusting volume, programs, noise filters, low/mid/high frequencies, mute function, to the new ReSound assist feature, the app can do it all.  3. The ability to stream phone calls directly - The telephone can be extremely difficult for individuals with a severe to profound hearing loss.  

The absolute best way to hear on the phone is to stream the audio from the phone to the hearing aids directly.  This means no more struggling to hear on the phone no matter what severity of hearing loss you have.  

There are a few things I'm not a huge fan of though.

1. The look of the devices - They just look cheap and not very sleek.  However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you like the look...great!

2. ReSound Earmolds are hit and miss - Sometimes they fit perfectly, other times not so much.  Just be patient, eventually they will get them right.

Overall, the ReSound ENZO 3Ds are an excellent choice for individuals with a severe to profound hearing loss, who want Bluetooth connection with their phone, and want direct streaming from an iPhone. Just remember, it does not matter how good your hearing aids are unless they have been programmed using Real Ear Measurement.  To learn more about REMs watch my video here:

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