Roger Select Remote Microphone | Hearing Better in Background Noise

Video transcript

Video transcript

If you've seen other videos where I talk about hearing in background noise, you know that even the best hearing aid won't improve your ability to hear in background noise as much as a remote microphone.  However, the Roger Select isn't your typical remote microphone.Imagine this...You are in a restaurant with 5 of your friends.  To hear those friends, you previously had 4 options.

1. Use your hearing aids alone.

2. Place a remote microphone on one individual so you hear only that one person.

3. Use a table microphone that picks up sound from all directions at the same time, or

4. Use a Roger Pen to point at the individual you want to hear.

These are all decent options, but they are not perfect options.  This is where the Roger Select comes into play.  With the Roger Select, you place it on the table and it uses 6 directional microphones to pick up the voice of the main talker at the table.  It then sends the sound of that talker directly into your hearing aids.The microphones on the Roger Select are directional.  This helps to remove background noise from the speech signal thereby improving your ability to understand what your friend is saying.  This accomplishes 3 main things.

1. You don't have to worry about positioning yourself at the table.\

2. You reduce background noise significantly

3. You don't have to inconvenience anyone by asking them to wear a remote microphone or point a pen microphone at them.

You just set the Roger Select on the table and let it work it's magic!If you find yourself in a situation where you want to hear someone specifically, you can tap the microphone sensor in the direction of the person you want to hear.  When you are done, just tap the center of the Roger Select to return to automatic mode.  You can also use the Roger Select as a remote microphone by using the neck lanyard or magnet clip, taking the voice of the person wearing it and sending it directly into your hearing aids.  

The Roger Select also works as a Bluetooth transmitter to connect with other Bluetooth devices like your phone, and it can also stream audio directly from your television into your hearing aids.  If you want to hear a movie on an airplane flight, just plug the 3.5mm jack into the armrest and your Roger Select and you can stream that movie's audio into your hearing aids as well.  There are 4 ways to make the Roger Select work with your hearing aids.1. Buy the Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids.  They have a built-in Roger Receiver.  

This feature will be activated in the Fall of 2019, but will not require any additional accessories to connect with a Roger device.2. Get an integrated Roger receiver to replace the battery door of your existing hearing aid.3. Use the Roger X receiver to plug into an accessory from not just Phonak, but other brands of hearing aids and Cochlear Implants as well.4. Use the Roger MyLink along with the telecoil of your Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant.Whether you have trouble hearing in background noise, hearing the TV, or hearing on the telephone, the Roger Select is definitely worth a try.

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