Signia Styletto Connect Bluetooth Fashion Hearing Aid Review

Video transcript

Video transcript

About 6 months ago I reviewed the Signia Styletto hearing aid which, in my opinion, was the first hearing aid worthy of being called fashionable.  If you want to see that video check it out here:

The Original Styletto hearing aid was designed to be a fashion device on the Signia Nx platform, but in order to create their signature sleek design, they decided to sacrifice connectivity for style.  The Nx Line of devices are well known for some unique features, but not having the ability to connect directly to a smartphone for streaming was a significant downfall for the Original Styletto. This is why the New Styletto Connect is a gamechanger.  

With the ability to now connect and stream audio directly from an iPhone, you don't have to chose between style and connectivity.  You can stream phone calls, podcasts, and YouTube videos directly into both ears and also make remote control adjustments to your hearing aids.

They have 3 different color options.  

1. Black and Silver

2. White and Rose Gold

3. Navy and Rose Gold

On a side note, my mother mentioned that if she needed a hearing aid, she would chose the Styletto in White and Rose Gold. 😂Connectivity and Style aside, let's look at some of the other features of the Styletto Connect.

1. Rechargeability - You can receive 19 hours of battery life in 3 hours of charge time.  It comes with a charger case that holds additional charges if you are traveling or are caught at the office after hours.

2. Own Voice Processing (OVP)- Getting used to your own voice being amplified can be made more tolerable using OVP.  This feature recognizes your voice and reduces the amount of amplification given to your own voice.

3. Telecare Ready - The Styletto Connect devices can be remotely adjusted by your hearing care professional.  This means that you can have adjustments made to your devices from the comfort of your own home.

4. Signia MyControl App - The app lets you make volume and program adjustments inside of your devices.  You can also tell the hearing aid microphones which direction you want to pick sound up from.  The app has a whole host of features you can adjust so make sure you take plenty of time to explore all it has to offer.

As cool as the Styletto connect hearing aids are, there are a few things that bug me.

1. Battery Life - While I love rechargeability, you only get 19 hours of battery life which will likely be reduced by using direct streaming.

2. They have a fixed receiver wire - Receiver wires are the weak link of a hearing aid.  When they go bad, they are typically an easy fix.  However, these devices don't have interchangeable wires and need to be sent off for a week to Signia for repair instead of just having a simple in-office wire change.

3. No Push Button - While a button was avoided due to cosmetic issues, the only way to turn of your devices is to place them back in to the charger.

You also can't pair your devices to a new phone because Bluetooth paring mode is initiated by turning off/on the devices.  

4. No Telecoil - Telecoils dramatically improve how well you hear in background noise.  But in order to save space, there is no telecoil.Real Ear Measurement:

Negatives aside, Signia took the proper steps to making the Styletto Connect hearing aid a viable option from a connectivity and performance standpoint.  While it does have some negatives, they were all required to achieve a fashionable device, and I for one, think they did an amazing job!

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