Unitron Moxi Jump-R Rechargeable Hearing Aid Review | Unitron Discover Platform Moxi Jump & Moxi Fit

Video transcript

Video transcript

Unitron will be shipping their new Discover Platform Moxi Jump-R and Moxi Fit hearing aids on May 17th.  The new Moxi Jump and Moxi Fit are part of their new line of devices that can connect to any Bluetooth device.   Since Sonova owns both Phonak and Unitron, it was just a matter of time before Unitron started using the SWORD 3.0 chip that allows for Bluetooth connection to Apple & Android devices.The similarities between the Unitron Moxi and Phonak Audeo Marvel don't end there.  If you take a closer look at the Moxi Jump R's you can see that they use an identical charger and receiver wire as the Audeo Marvels.  However, there are a few things that make the Jump R and Fit unique.  

Let's take a look at the PROs:

1. Connectivity - With the majority of smartphone users using Android devices, it only makes sense that they would develop a hearing aid that could connect to Apple and Android devices.  This is what the SWORD 3.0 chip allows Unitron to do.  With 4 wireless protocols at their disposal, it can wirelessly connect to almost any bluetooth device, and stream audio directly into your hearing aids without using an intermediary device like a neckloop.  This means Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Phone calls directly into your hearing aids.

2. SoundNav 3.0 - This is Unitron's automatic program classifier that can automatically change between different program settings depending on the environment you are in.  If you are in a quiet environment, the hearing aids know this and will put you into the correct program settings.  If you transition into a noisy environment, the hearing aids will know this as well, and put you into ideal program settings for those environments.   Basically, the Unitron Moxi Jump R does everything for you so you don't have to worry about it.

3. Lithium Rechargeability - Up until now, Unitron has only used Silver-Zinc rechargeable hearing aids.  However, the new Moxi Jump R Hearing Aids now use a lithium battery.  Lithium has proven to be the most reliable form of rechargeable battery technology.  The devices also automatically turn on when you remove them from the charger and off when you place them inside the charger.  

4. FLEX: UPGRADE - This is a very unique feature to Unitron that allows their hearing aids to be upgraded from a lower level of technology to a higher level of technology without having to buy new hearing aids or exchanging your current hearing aid hardware.  This means you can start with a lower level of technology and upgrade down the road if you need a higher level of hearing aid performance.

As awesome as the new Discover Moxi Jump R hearing aids are, there are still a few cons.

#1. Limited Battery Life - At only 16 hours, some hearing aid users may not get a full days worth of use out of a single charge.  Especially if you require a lot of amplification using a power receiver, and if you stream a lot of audio and phone calls which create more battery drain.

#2. The Thickness - Rechargeable hearing aids are naturally larger than most disposable models, but the Moxi Jump-R is pretty thick.  If you wear glasses, expect them to push your ears off to the side.

#3. The Gradual Roll-out of additional models and form factors - This seems to be a trend in the hearing aid industry at the moment, but we still don't know when a Telecoil version will become available or what other form factors are going to become available in the future.  So if you are looking for some specific features not offered in the Moxi Fit and Moxi Jump R hearing aids, you might just have to play the waiting game.

Cons aside, the Unitron Moxi Jump R and Moxi Fit build upon an already solid offering from Unitron.  They have leapfrogged in front of some other manufacturers in connectivity and would be a great option for your next set of hearing aids.  Just remember, it does not matter how great your hearing aids are if they have not been programmed using Real Ear Measurement.  REMs are the only way to ensure your hearing aids have been programmed correctly to your hearing loss prescription.  If you don’t know what REMs are, I highly recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

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