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Video transcript

Video transcript

Do you know why Uber is so popular?  It isn't because they are the only way to catch a ride across town and it isn't because they are significantly cheaper than their competitors.  Uber's smartphone app makes requesting a ride more convenient than calling a cab or figuring out the train schedule.  UBER SAVES YOU TIME!

The hearing aid industry is starting to follow Uber's lead and making hearing aid programming more convenient by utilizing Remote Audiologic Care.  The majority of patients that I see in my clinic are from out of town or out of state.  Having the ability to make programming adjustments when they are not in my office is a necessity in my clinic.  

Widex now has one of the best Remote Care features in the industry that works with their Evoke, Beyond, Unique, and even the Dream line of devices.  The only devices it doesn't work with is their CIC micro Hearing Aids because they are too small for wireless connection.  This is how it works.  During your initial programming appointment with your hearing care provider, they will have you download the Widex Remote Care App on your Android or Apple Smartphone. Then they will pair the Remote Link Neck Loop to your phone and your hearing aids for you to take home.  

You schedule a remote programming session with your hearing care professional and they will be able to tap directly into your hearing aids just like you were sitting in their office. Widex has a few unique features that other manufacturers don't have.  

#1.  In-Situ Audiometry - They can actually perform a hearing test on you through the hearing aids in your own home. This can be a great way to track changes in your hearing over time and is great for individuals who are not mobile enough to get into the clinic regularly.

#2. Feedback Manager - Most remote care apps do not allow for feedback management.  So if your hearing aids are whistling, this can help your hearing care professional fix the problem so you don't have any more whistling.

#3.  Service Tracker - This is my favorite feature.  It allows the hearing care provider to make a diagnostic check on the hearing aids.  This can tell them if the hearing aid is malfunctioning before making adjustments.  It can identify Microphone performance, Receiver Performance, and Internal Noise.

Overall, having the ability to make remote programming adjustments from the comfort of your own home reduces the amount of visits you need to make to your Hearing Care Providers office.  Adding convenience to your treatment process and saving you time.   Making Remote Care the Uber of Hearing Care.

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