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How it works

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Find a provider near you

Search our pre-vetted nationwide network of audiologists who will ensure you receive the best possible care. Complete a simple online form to the doctor of your choice to be contacted during normal business hours.


Schedule a patient consultation

The practice you chose will contact you directly to schedule an appointment with the audiologist of your choice. Receive a comprehensive hearing evaluation with a clear explanation of your current hearing abilities.

Get the best hearing aids for you

Your audiologist will help you choose the most appropriate hearing aids for your unique hearing loss. Your devices will be expertly programmed following industry Best Practices.

Receive ongoing care for better hearing

Better hearing is a process that requires expert guidance from a skilled Audiologist. Our network of providers will guide you every step of the way.

Network of top-rated audiologists

Personally Vetted by Dr. Cliff Olson
Every Audiologist goes through a rigorous application process
Outstanding Patient Outcomes
Proven track-record of patient satisfaction in hearing aid fittings
Commitment to Best Practices
Receive the highest level of hearing care from the top Audiologists