Dr. Cliff's Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids of 2024

I am Dr. Cliff Olson, a doctor of audiology and the founder of Applied Hearing Solutions - this is my current list of Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids.

Disclaimer: As with all of my hearing aid review videos, my ‘Best Of’ lists are never sponsored. This means manufacturers cannot pay me to get on the list – unlike other Best Of lists out there. My Best of round-ups are based solely on my expertise and unbiased evaluation of each device's features and performance.

My Top Picks for 2024’s Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

I emphasize that beyond improved hearing in various environments, many hearing aid users desire devices that can function as earbuds, streaming audio directly into their ears. This includes listening to podcasts, audiobooks, music, YouTube videos, and even phone calls through their hearing aids. However, I underscore that there is no universally "best" Bluetooth hearing aid, as preferences and needs vary greatly among individuals. As such, the devices I review here are presented in random order. Check out my comprehensive hearing aid review videos for a thorough understanding of each device's capabilities and suitability for individual preferences and requirements.

ReSound Nexia

The revolutionary ReSound Nexia hearing aids has one particularly groundbreaking feature: LE Audio Bluetooth, introduced at the end of 2023. To understand the significance, I provide a brief overview of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids to date. Previously, hearing aids used Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Classic, and ASHA Bluetooth. However, LE Audio Bluetooth, featuring the LC3 Codec, marks a significant advancement. This codec enables superior streaming quality at lower bit rates, preserving battery life while enhancing audio quality. Additionally, LE Audio Bluetooth facilitates sharing audio signals with other LE Audio-enabled devices, enhancing accessibility in public venues through Auracast technology. Although LE Audio Bluetooth is not yet widely available, the ReSound Nexia hearing aids are pioneering its use.

Another exciting feature with the Nexia hearing aid is compatibility with the ReSound TV Streamer+, which utilizes Auracast for high-quality audio streaming. While Nexia currently employs Bluetooth Low Energy and ASHA Bluetooth for connections, I underscore its limitations regarding direct connection to laptops or desktop computers. However, these aids offer seamless integration with Apple devices, providing two-way audio streaming and tap control features. Despite limitations in Bluetooth customization, Nexia connects to the ReSound Smart 3D app, offering various adjustments and remote programming options.

It is important to get a professional fitting for optimal performance. While the ReSound Nexia hearing aids excel in leveraging LE Audio Bluetooth, their versatility extends to other Bluetooth forms, underscoring the critical role of expert fitting for maximizing their potential.

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

The new Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aid from Signia will soon offer LE Audio Bluetooth compatibility, pending a firmware update. While it's not yet compatible at the time of this review, users can rest assured that this feature will be available in the future, eliminating the need for upgrades down the line. Like previous Signia models, the IX hearing aids are Made for iPhone devices and support the ASHA Bluetooth protocol, ensuring seamless connectivity primarily with Apple devices. They also cater to Android users. While direct streaming to smart devices is possible, connecting to laptops or desktops requires a Streamline Mic. The customization options offered by hearing care professionals are influenced by the type of coupling used with the aids.

The Signia app grants access to program adjustments, volume control, and features like My Wellbeing to track activity and wear time. Users appreciate the app's functionality, including adjusting microphone pickup and streaming settings. The Signia Assistant provides AI-based support when professional assistance is unavailable. Telecare enables remote programming sessions with hearing care professionals. Despite lacking Apple Watch compatibility, the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX stands out as a future-proof Bluetooth hearing aid worth considering in 2024. I emphasize that my reviews remain unbiased and unsponsored, ensuring that only deserving devices make the list based on merit rather than paid placement.

Phonak Audeo Lumity

The Audeo Lumity hearing aid stands out for its use of Bluetooth Classic, making it highly versatile for connecting with various Bluetooth devices, including Apple and Android devices, laptops, desktops, and more. Unlike other Made for iPhone hearing aids, it allows simultaneous connections with up to eight devices, with two active connections at once, offering seamless switching between devices. The hands-free calling feature simplifies answering and ending calls with a double tap or push button, though background noise may affect call quality. The AutoSense OS 5.0 enables tailored programming for different audio media, including streaming from smartphones, tablets, or the TV Connector. Phonak's customization options extend to the My Phonak app, offering program adjustments, volume control, and equalizer settings. Additionally, users can remotely adjust settings and access support through Telecare. While unable to connect with an Apple Watch, the Audeo Lumity hearing aids provide exceptional Bluetooth connectivity and customization options, making them a top choice for users seeking versatility and customization. As for pricing, it varies based on factors such as technology level, location, bundled services, and clinic support, with detailed inquiries welcomed for estimated costs.

Oticon Real/Intent

Update: Oticon Real was replaced by Oticon Intent after this video

The Oticon Intent is classified as a Made for iPhone hearing aid, utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy for Apple devices and ASHA Bluetooth protocol for Android devices. Streaming from laptops or desktops requires an Oticon Connect Clip, which is a drawback but compensated in other aspects. Notably, it offers hands-free two-way audio with compatible Apple devices, enabling seamless communication and toggling between smartphone and hearing aid microphones for noise management. The Oticon Companion app replaces the previous Oticon On app, offering new features like a three-band equalizer for streaming audio and live listening environments. While customization options could be enhanced, it's crucial to use appropriate coupling for optimal streaming quality. The app also facilitates battery monitoring, device tracking, and integrates remote programming, enhancing user convenience. Additionally, compatibility with Apple Watch allows for easy adjustments on the go. Despite some limitations, the Oticon Intent stands out as an excellent choice for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids in 2024.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids of 2024

The evolution of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has reached a pivotal point. The ReSound Nexia, Signia Pure Charge&Go IX, Phonak Lumity, and Oticon Intent represent significant advancements in Bluetooth connectivity within the industry. Bluetooth has become a standard feature in modern hearing aids, driving manufacturers to continually enhance its functionality. The introduction of LE Audio Bluetooth is poised to revolutionize not only the experience for individuals with hearing loss but also for those without.

Over the past decade, Bluetooth integration has played a crucial role in increasing adoption and satisfaction rates of hearing aids. However, it's essential to acknowledge that Bluetooth connectivity can encounter glitches, necessitating knowledgeable support from hearing care professionals. Seeking assistance from providers with proficient Bluetooth troubleshooting skills is advisable.

To maximize the benefits of these hearing aids, it's crucial to partner with a hearing care professional who adheres to comprehensive audiologic best practices throughout the selection, fitting, and programming process. For those seeking reliable hearing care professionals, resources like HearingUp.com can be invaluable. Whether Bluetooth is a priority or not, exploring various hearing aid options ensures finding the most suitable device.

If you're seeking a qualified professional who prioritizes these standards, explore my HearingUp Network to locate a trusted member in your area. HearingUp network members undergo rigorous vetting and are committed to following best practices for hearing aid fittings.

Thank you for joining me in exploring the best Bluetooth hearing aids of 2024. Your feedback is always welcome, and I look forward to guiding you through the world of hearing technology.

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Cliff Olson

Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and the co-founder of HearingUp and Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, he runs and creates content for the popular DrCliffAuD YouTube channel.


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