Hearing Aid Features

Learn about the latest technological features in modern hearing aids.

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In a world where almost everything has become rechargeable, hearing aids are no exception. While battery-operated models are still available, rechargeable hearing aids are becoming the norm for new hearing aid models. Many manufacturers are releasing rechargeable-only lines of hearing aids and only adding battery-operated options later on. 

Rechargeable Hearing Aids


The world we live in today is full of rapid technological advancements. These days, every phone, tablet, and computer company churns out a newer, better, faster model almost annually. Hearing aids are no different. Gone are the days of enormous, clunky devices that sit like bricks behind people’s ears, whistling loudly every time they move.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids


Many people suffer from a condition called tinnitus. Though many people have heard a ringing sound in their ears from time to time, for those with this condition, the ringing does not stop often.

Tinnitus and Hearing Aids


Telehealth is a method of connecting with medical care providers from a distance. This technology is helping patients to get more care even when they cannot or would prefer not to come in for treatment in a provider's office. There are multiple ways to use telehealth – a laptop, desktop, or even a smartphone. This may allow for the connection with a provider over the internet in a way that is more comfortable for you. Telehealth in hearing care is growing in its availability and how it can help you to see improvement in your ability to hear.

Remote Programming