Resound Omnia miniRIE - An Audiologist's Review

As an audiologist working with patients, I've seen the transformation of hearing aids over the years. While large, beige devices were once the norm, today's modern designs are lighter, smaller and more comfrotable to wear. But one thing that has always been a concern for some wearers (especially first-time users) is the size of the hearing aid.

The Trade-Offs of Smaller Hearing Aids

In the past, opting for a smaller hearing aid often meant giving up on certain features. For instance, rechargeability was one of the first features to be compromised. Modern rechargeable hearing aids use lithium-ion battery technology, which requires larger batteries, thus making the hearing aids larger.

Another feature often sacrificed was wireless connectivity, including direct Bluetooth streaming and the ability to connect to other wireless accessories. Bluetooth hearing aids are a boon as they allow direct audio streaming from smart devices into both ears, providing unmatched sound quality. However, to facilitate this, the hearing aid needs to be large enough to house a Bluetooth antenna and maintain a stable wireless connection with the connected device.

Lastly, the telecoil, a feature that can be extremely beneficial in public venues like airports and theaters with hearing loops installed, is often the first to be omitted in smaller hearing aids due to the necessary space constraints.

The Resound Omnia miniRIE: Small Size, Big Features

The Resound Omnia miniRIE truly is a breakthrough in hearing aid technology. Despite its small size, it does not compromise on any of the features mentioned above and has many of the features included in most Resound Omnia models. It provides the same amount of benefit in background noise as the full-size Resound Omnia receiver in the ear hearing aid. It is rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible, and even has access to a telecoil.

The Resound Omnia miniRIE is one of the smallest hearing aids currently available on the market, yet it is packed with incredible features. It is designed to help users understand speech better in a background noise situation by providing an additional 4.5 decibels of signal to noise ratio (SNR) improvement above their previous generation devices, the Resound ONEs, when using the new Front Focus feature.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Resound Omnia miniRIE boasts an all-day battery life, even for users who tend to stream a lot throughout the day. Wearers simply place the hearing aids in their charger at night, and they will be fully charged and ready for use the next day.

Despite its small size, the Resound Omnia miniRIE houses a Bluetooth wireless antenna, ensuring robust connectivity for direct streaming from smartphones or tablets. It also supports all of ReSound's great wireless accessories, including the ReSound TV Streamer 2, remote controls, Phone Clip, Micro Mic, and the Multi Mic.

Telecoil Access

The Resound Omnia miniRIE also provides telecoil access through the use of the ReSound Multi Mic that has a Telecoil option. This allows users to tap directly into the audio system of public venues with hearing loops and stream high-quality audio directly into both ears.


The Resound Omnia miniRIE is a testament to the advances in modern hearing aid technology. It proves that it is possible to pack a ton of features into devices that are getting smaller and smaller. With devices like the Resound Omnia miniRIE, it's no wonder that hearing aid adoption rates continue to climb year after year, and more and more hearing aid users absolutely love their devices.

Whether you prefer smaller hearing aids due to the size of your ears or for discretion, the Resound Omnia miniRIE ensures that you don't have to compromise on features. It offers an all-in-one solution, providing exceptional sound quality, rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity, and telecoil access, all in a compact and comfortable design.

The Resound Omnia miniRIE is not just a hearing aid; it's a revolution in hearing aid technology. It's a device that truly understands the needs of its users and delivers on all fronts. It's a device that doesn't just make you hear better; it makes you live better.

Additional Features from the Resound Omnia Platform

According to the information available on the Resound website, the Resound Omnia platform offers several additional features that enhance the user experience. The antenna system enables robust connectivity and performance for a high-quality sound experience. It also offers all-day battery power on one charge, even when streaming 100% of the time. The all-weatherproof designs are IP68 rated with nanocoating on all components for indoor and outdoor use.

The platform also includes a feature called Check My Fit, which allows users to check if they're wearing their hearing aids correctly, ensuring they can hear their best from the start. This feature is particularly useful as wearing hearing aids correctly gives an average of 11 dB (decibels) more feedback-free gain - amplification that is often lost with incorrect wear.

The Resound Omnia platform also offers a feature that preserves the natural sound of a user's own voice, allowing them to join in conversations and talk without sounding loud or artificial to themselves. This feature requires no additional settings and is automatically enabled.

In conclusion, the Resound Omnia miniRIE, powered by the Resound Omnia platform, is a comprehensive hearing solution that combines advanced technology, user-friendly features, and a compact design to deliver an unmatched hearing experience. Whether you're in a noisy environment or a quiet room, the Resound Omnia miniRIE ensures that you never miss a beat.

Cliff Olson

Cliff Olson is an Audiologist and the co-founder of HearingUp and Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, he runs and creates content for the popular DrCliffAuD YouTube channel.


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