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ReSound Omnia

The ReSound Omnia is a hearing aid designed for those with mild to severe hearing loss that automatically adjusts to allow a person to hear what and who they want to hear, creating a realistic experience.

Noise Reduction
Natural Sound
M&RIE receiver

Key Features of Resound Omnia Hearing Aids

  • Improves hearing in noise with up to a 150% improvement in speech understanding with Organic Hearing 
  • Speeds up the processing and steering for improved mode detection and selection
  • Works to widen the sound environment by creating a 360 degree all-around environment map
  • Improves the beamforming to provide more precision for speech clarity in virtually any environment 

IMPORTANT: The Omnia has been replaced by the newer Resound Nexia hearing aids.

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. M&RIE receivers
  2. Excellent Noise Reduction
  3. Best Smartphone app on the market
  4. Great Accessories (Remote mics, TV Streamer, etc)
  5. Multi-Mic can gain access to Telecoil
  6. Rechargeable & non-Rechargeable options
  7. Custom versions are cool looking


  1. Not the best looking models
  2. ASHA Bluetooth not good with Android devices
  3. Limited fitting ranges for M&RIE receivers
  4. No automatic program switching based on environments
  5. No CROS option

Natural Sounds in Noisy Environments

One of the core ways Resound Omnia works is by improving overall hearing quality in noise. This is typically one of the biggest challenges for those who have moderate to severe hearing loss. With the features offered by this product, it is possible for people to be able to automatically listen to the sounds they want to around them even when in high noise environments. 

In a noisy environment, the hearing aid provides the best understanding of the noise available. That means busy rooms with numerous people talking at once is still conducive to proper hearing, creating a high quality of life.

Organic Hearing

To work at the level it does, the ReSound Omnia hearing aids feature Organic Hearing. This is a feature designed to create natural sound quality. It feels natural and allows people to connect to the world around them in a very natural way. It works by emulating the natural process of hearing, allowing people to listen as closely as possible, and then helps the brain to hear as it should. This can help to create better focus during conversations and lets a person locate sounds from around the room even when there is a substantial amount of noise present. 

A Natural Fit

The ReSound Omnia is also an excellent choice for its fit quality. It can help provide for long hours of use without causing any concerns, allowing for all day hearing without discomfort. It also works well all of the time, even in any type of weather. This provides the user with more peace of mind when it comes to using their hearing aids. By enhancing comfort with these ergonomic hearing aids, it is more likely that a person will continue to use them, and that means more ability to interact with life around them. 

Even better, with the ReSound Omnia, it is possible to use the Check My Fit within the ReSound Smart 3D app. That helps ensure that the hearing aid is positioned properly and that it is securely where it needs to be to provide the best overall results. With a simple selfie taken of the ear, the app can provide support for that just right fit. With Check My Fit, up to 70% of people wore their hearing aids in a better way, improving their comfort level and reducing the number of times they had to go to the hearing aid specialist for help. With this simple to use app, used just one time a day, it is possible to get a better fit every single time.

Connect Naturally Everywhere

The ReSound Omnia hearing aid also allows for automatic and instant connectivity anywhere. That includes improving your ability to hear calls, connect to podcasts on your smartphone, listen to music, watch videos, and even listen to audiobooks. It is all done with the same process that is used for wireless earbuds. It is simple to use for anyone and provides such an improvement in sound quality that you can feel more engaged with the world around you.

With this unique natural connection, it is possible for people to engage with the world around them in a way that they want to do so. That means hearing music and answering calls from a mobile device as if they did not have a hearing aid at all. The process works just like wireless earbuds. 

Rechargeable and Easy to Use

Another one of the core features of the ReSound Omnia hearing aid is that it is a rechargeable model. There is no reason to worry about running out of power due to the ease of charging. On a full charge, the battery lasts about 30 hours. That means more than a full day’s use without having to think about recharging the battery for the hearing aid. 

Exceptional Phone Call Quality

There are many tasks that need to be performed each day, but answering the phone can be one of the most frustrating for a person that has a hearing aid or hearing loss at all. However, the ReSound Omnia helps to resolve these concerns by creating highly crystal clear phone calls. You can use the device with hands-free calling using an iPad or iPhone as well. A person can hold the phone naturally up to the ear if you want, creating good hearing quality. There's also no need to struggle to find the sweet spot located behind the ear, which is often necessary for other types of hearing aids.

A Range of Colors to Select From

Another core benefit to the Omnia hearing aid is that it is available in a wide range of colors, allowing users to find the product that fits their specific needs. The ergonomic design is completed with a range of finishing colors, allowing you to choose the shade that works best to blend into your skin or to stand out, whatever you want. The nanocoated design in various stylish tones allows you to be you, no matter what you are most interested in.

M&RIE Receiver 

All models of the ReSound Omnia feature access to the M&RIE receiver. This is a first in class addition to hearing aids that provides a higher level of sound quality. In this receiver, the microphone and the receiver are placed within the ear. As a result of this, it allows you to collect a wider range of sound. This allows for the creation of a much more realistic level of sound. It feels natural. With this feature, it allows you to get your own ear acoustics back in place, allowing for that improved feel of sound quality, which is often lost when a hearing aid is used. 

Also notable, the M&RIE receiver works well in all environments due to its all access directionality. Whether you are in a busy restaurant or a quiet room, you have sound quality.

Choose the Model Right for You

The ReSound Omnia hearing aid is available in three different model options, any of which can provide outstanding improvement in sound quality for users. Here’s a look at them.

RIE 61 Rechargeable Omnia

This hearing aid offers:

  • LP, MP, HP, UP, and M&RIE receiver options 
  • A lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Color range options to choose from
  • Premium, standard, or desktop charger options

RIE 61 Omnia

This hearing aid offers:

  • LP, MP, HP, UP, and M&RIE receiver options
  • ReSound color range options
  • 312 Zinc air battery

RIE 62 Omnia

This hearing aid offers:

  • LP, MP, UP, and M&RIE receivers 
  • 13 zinc air battery
  • ReSound color range options
ReSound Omnia

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