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Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent Hearing Aids are designed to cater to a wide range of hearing needs, offering a blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features.

4D Sensors
Bluetooth LE Audio

Oticon Intent Hearing Aids are designed to cater to a wide range of hearing needs, offering a blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features. Here are the key aspects:

  • Technology Levels: Oticon Intent is available in four different technology levels, ensuring users can find the perfect match for their hearing needs. The Intent 1 stands out as the most advanced, providing unparalleled sound quality and user experience. Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Cliff's take on selecting the right technology level for you.
  • Design and Style: These hearing aids come in a discreet rechargeable miniRITE R style, available in nine appealing colors. This variety ensures that users can choose a device that not only meets their hearing needs but also aligns with their personal style preferences.
  • Advanced Features
    • User-Intent Sensors: A groundbreaking feature that adapts the hearing aid's settings based on the user's listening environment and needs, ensuring a seamless audio experience.
    • BrainHearing Technology: Offers access to the full sound scene, allowing the brain to process sounds more naturally, enhancing clarity, confidence, and cognitive engagement.
    • Personalized Sound Processing: Tailors the hearing experience by considering the user's movements, the surrounding environment, and ongoing conversations.

Oticon Intent's design philosophy emphasizes not just the improvement of hearing but enhancing the overall quality of life through intelligent, adaptable, and personalized hearing solutions.

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Excellent High Frequency Amplification
  2. Great Physical Fit w/new receiver wires
  3. Bluetooth LE Audio compatible
  4. Future Auracast compatibility
  5. Rechargeable
  6. Telecoil available


  1. Limited customization of Streamed audio sound quality
  2. Contact charging
  3. Weak retention filaments
  4. Limited Noise Reduction capabilities
  5. Limited accessories
  6. No Smartcharger (yet)
  7. No Disposable Battery options (yet)

Oticon Intent's Advanced Sound Technology

Oticon Intent Hearing Aids introduce a revolutionary approach to sound processing with the integration of 4D Sensor technology, making them a standout choice for users seeking a new Oticon hearing aid that adapts precisely to their listening environment. This advanced sound technology comprises several key components:

  • Oticon Intent Features
    • Acoustic Environment Sensors: Analyze the sound landscape to tailor audio output.
    • Head Movement Monitoring: Adjusts sound based on the orientation of the user's head.
    • Body Movement Sensors: Detects user's physical activity to optimize hearing.
    • Conversation Activity Analysis: Focuses on speech to enhance clarity in conversations.
    • MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Scans and organizes sounds, ensuring users are centered in their sound environment
    • DNN 2.0: Delivers superior sound quality and efficient noise suppression.
    • MoreSound Amplifier 3.0: Provides balanced amplification across frequencies.
    • MoreSound Optimizer: Prevents feedback for a more natural sound experience.
    • SuddenSound Stabilizer: Reduces listening effort, maintaining speech understanding.
    • Wind & Handling Stabilizer: Filters out wind and handling noises for cleaner sound.

Powered by the Sirius platform, Oticon Intent is not only equipped for current needs but is also future-ready, supporting wireless updates. This ensures that users benefit from upcoming advancements in hearing technology. Through the use of Oticon's Deep Neural Network (DNN) and the new 4D sensors, Oticon Intent offers a listening experience that is highly personalized, providing enhanced clarity and balance. This advanced sound technology ensures that users can enjoy a full sound environment with minimal effort, making every moment clearer and more enjoyable.

Design and Comfort

Oticon Intent hearing aids are a pinnacle of design innovation, seamlessly combining style with functionality to cater to the modern user's needs. The meticulous design considerations are evident in several aspects:

  • Sleek and Discreet Design: With a refreshed approach, Oticon Intent emerges as Oticon's smallest Bluetooth receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aid, boasting a design that is both small and sleek. This design ethos is aimed at providing comfort and discretion, especially for individuals wearing glasses, ensuring the device blends seamlessly with their daily attire and lifestyle.
  • Ease of Use: The new model introduces a single button design, simplifying the user interface for ease of operation. This feature, combined with the device's discreet rechargeable miniRITE style, underscores Oticon's commitment to creating hearing aids that are not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly and accessible.
  • Personalization Options: Oticon Intent stands out with its array of nine matte colors, including novel shades like sky blue and a new beige. This variety allows users to select a hearing aid that not only meets their auditory needs but also aligns with their personal style preferences, making Oticon Intent a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

By prioritizing design elements that enhance comfort, ease of use, and personalization, Oticon Intent hearing aids are tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of users, ensuring a seamless integration into their daily lives.

Connectivity Features

Intent Hearing Aids have enhanced connectivity, offering an array of features designed to seamlessly integrate into users' digital lives. Here's how Oticon Intent stands out in terms of connectivity:

  • LE Audio and Telecoil Integration
    • LE Audio support allows for direct connection to public venues and conferences, offering better sound quality and reduced battery consumption.
    • A built-in telecoil, acting as a precursor to LE Audio, enables the streaming of sound in public spaces, ensuring users don't miss out on important announcements or events.
  • Future-Proof and Direct Streaming Capabilities
    • The hearing aids are designed with future-proof connectivity, supporting high-quality audio streaming and efficient power use.
    • Direct streaming from smartphones and other smart devices is facilitated, making everyday tasks like taking calls or listening to music hassle-free.
    • For iPhone users, hands-free calls are a reality, and select Android devices also support this feature, thanks to Bluetooth LE and Auracast capabilities.
  • Oticon Companion App and Additional Accessories
    • The Oticon Companion App empowers users to discreetly control, customize, and manage their hearing aids from their phone or Apple Watch®.
    • Accessories like the ConnectClip and TV Adapter expand connectivity options, transforming the hearing aids into a wireless headset for phones, tablets, or computers, and streaming audio directly from almost any audio device.

Battery Life and Rechargeability

Oticon Intent hearing aids are at the forefront of rechargeability and battery life efficiency, ensuring users experience uninterrupted, high-quality sound throughout their day. Here's a closer look at what sets these devices apart in terms of battery life and rechargeability:

  • Fast and Efficient Charging
    • The Oticon Desktop Charger fully charges the hearing aids in just 2 hours, with a super quick 15-minute recharge option providing an additional boost.
    • A 30-minute charge delivers up to 8 hours of battery life, perfect for extended wear times, even with streaming.
  • Designed for Ease of Use
    • Features such as colored markers and magnets assist in the correct placement of the hearing aids in the charger.
    • Gray inserts and an LED light indicate charging status, simplifying the process for users.
  • Long-Lasting Power
    • With a single charge offering up to 30 hours of usage, users can enjoy a full day of battery life, even when streaming from other devices.
    • The powerful lithium-ion battery ensures 20 hours of usage per charge, with a lifespan of up to 5 years, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

By integrating these advanced features, Oticon Intent devices not only provide exceptional sound quality but also ensure users can rely on their devices throughout their daily activities without concerns over battery life or the inconvenience of frequent recharging.

Finding Oticon Intent Near You

The importance of finding the best hearing care provider cannot be overstated. Prioritizing an audiologist that adheres to best practices, including Real Ear Measurements for all hearing aid fittings, ensures the most personalized and optimal hearing aid experience. Our network of hearing healthcare professionals is dedicated to following these best practices. Schedule an appointment with a HearingUp provider today to explore how the new Oticon Intent hearing aids can improve your hearing experience.

Oticon Intent

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