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Eargo 7

The Eargo 7 hearing aid is the latest release from a company noted for its high-quality products. It’s most well-known for its invisible, in-canal device.

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Eargo 7 Hearing Aids

The Eargo 7 hearing aid is the latest release from a company noted for its high-quality products. It’s most well-known for its invisible, in-canal device. The latest model from Eargo now offers an invisible in-canal device that’s rechargeable and available over-the-counter. It’s the company’s first over-the-counter product. How well does it compare to others?

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Invisible design
  2. Comfortable design
  3. App-controlled
  4. In-app hearing check


  1. Feedback issues
  2. Tinny sound quality
  3. Limited adjustability
  4. No Bluetooth Streaming

Who Is the Eargo 7 Right For?

Many people can benefit from the Eargo 7, but it is typically ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. For those with more profound hearing loss, it will not be as helpful to you.

It’s also a bit more technologically advanced than other hearing aids. You’ll get the best result from it if you’re able to carefully program it to meet your needs. Or, the better option for most people is to have a professional audiologist handle the programming to ensure you get the best overall results from it.

The Eargo 7 is priced around $2,950 with financing that allows them to be just $90 per month for qualified individuals, and there are some discounts out there. This is the highest priced over-the-counter hearing aid, though. As a result, you’ll want to make sure you get everything you can out of it.

How They Work and Feel

The Eargo 7 hearing aids look a lot like the previous version, the Eargo 6, though you should see the number 7 on them. They are available in small and large sizes to fit most needs. One of the key things that make it unique is the device is suspended in your ear canal, which helps them to be held in place. They are comfortable for most people, and you're likely not to notice them after a while. 

They have microphone covers that fit over the back of the device, which you can change to keep them clean. The domes also have covers, which can be replaced, though the price for purchasing extras can be a bit expensive. 

As far as how they look, they are virtually invisible. When someone looks into the ear, all they will see is a black hole. 

As for functionality, the Eargo 7 hearing aids offer several options. You can cup your ears to adjust the setting, or you can use an app downloaded onto your smartphone, which tends to be the easiest of options. 

Once you start using them, you’ll have about 16 hours of battery life on a single charge. Because they are rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries often. Also beneficial is that it also has a power bank that provides for up to two days of additional charge without having to plug them in. 

The Eargo 7’s are water resistant in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so showering or swimming with them should be okay for short periods of time. 

Using the Eargo 7 App

The Eargo 7 app is the easiest way to change the settings on the device. It's available for download to your phone and allows you to change the volume and program settings to improve hearing quality. One drawback here is that they do not come with Bluetooth connectivity, which means you cannot stream from Bluetooth devices with these hearing aids. To change the settings on the device, the Eargo 7 hearing aids, your phone will emit a high-pitch chirping sound that's picked up by the hearing aid and instructs it on how to update.

Overall, the app is easy to learn, with an area for your account, settings, notifications, and a help section. To adjust the volume, simply make an adjustment on the first page of the app, allowing you to adjust one or both of the hearing aids at the same time. 

The noise tab offers a way for you to filter out certain types of noise, and the new Sound Adjust Plus feature, which is new to the Eargo 7, gives you the ability to prioritize sound settings based on your environment. It will automatically adjust for you based on the type of environment you’re in. Options include Normal, Restaurant, Music, Phone, TV, and Meeting. These settings are preset, but you can adjust them as well.

When you first start using the device, you'll work through the Sound Match hearing test. This is what helps you to adjust it to fit your hearing needs. There’s also a Sound Tuning capability with these programs to help you to increase volume, treble, and bass. 

How Well Do the Eargo 7 Hearing Aids Actually Work?

A quick test of these provides some interesting details on the overall quality of the hearing aid. First, taking the hearing test and setting up the device takes a bit of work, but once done, it will help you to improve sound quality. It provides you with a final result in the app. When compared to professional hearing tests, which are more comprehensive and accurate, there was some discrepancy present. 

For some people, it may not offer enough sound improvement to match their hearing needs. This is really dependent on the level and type of hearing loss you have, as well as your overall ability to program them well.

Overall, the Eargo 7 hearing aids are a good option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They can offer similar results for some people compared to prescription hearing aids, to some point. You’ll certainly get more refined results with a professional audiologist.

The fact that they are in the moderate price range for hearing aids in general but higher priced for over-the-counter hearing aids may deter some at first. However, with a 45-day return window and financing options available, it is worth the expense, especially with the quality of improvement they offer. Support is good, too, with an in-app video call feature that you can set up to help you manage your device for as long as you use it. For a quality product with good results, check out these hearing aids from Eargo.

Eargo 7

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