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Oticon Real

Oticon Real Hearing Aids give you precisely tuned sounds that are not only surprisingly lifelike but also naturally balanced.

Natural Sound
Speech Clarity
Technologies used:

Hearing real sounds again is now possible. Oticon Real Hearing Aids give you precisely tuned sounds that are not only surprisingly lifelike but also naturally balanced.

Oticon Reals restores your real hearing. They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy natural sound quality, personalized comfort, and smart connectivity. Order yours today and experience the difference. They come in four different models. You can also customize your Oticon Reals with nine different colors and a matte finish, making them discreet and stylish.

Key features of the Oticon Real:

  • Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology instantly and accurately balances natural sounds.
  • The Reals are trained to identify almost 12 million background noises and fluctuations.
  • Advanced wind and handling stabilization through “More Sound Intelligence 2.0”.
  • Scans your surroundings 500 times per second and then creates a sound scene using Oticon Real’s Deep Neural Network.
  • More Sound Amplifier 2.0 can control all kinds of sounds and segments them into soft, loud, and sudden sounds.
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Exceptional sound, clear speech

Oticon Reals use BrainHearing Technology and RealSound Technology to deliver exceptional sound quality and speech clarity in any environment.

BrainHearing Technology is based on the idea that hearing happens in the brain, not in the ears. Oticon Real uses this technology to achieve pretty much the same thing. It analyzes and balances the sounds around you, giving your brain access to the full spectrum of sounds. This reduces your listening effort and helps you stay engaged, focused, and aware.

It is complemented by RealSound Technology which is built on the powerful Polaris Platform. This technology enables Oticon Real to process sound faster and more accurately. It also enables the Oticon Reals to give you better access to speech and exceptional speech clarity. You can follow conversations with more awareness, focus, and control, even in noisy or windy situations.

Enhanced listening experience no matter where you are

Oticon Reals layers several other cutting-edge technologies on top of Brainhearing, Realsound, such as More Sound Intelligence 2.0, More Sound Amplifier 2.0, and Wind & Handling Stabilizer to enhance your overall hearing experience.

More Sound Intelligence 2.0 analyzes and balances every sound in your environment, even when there are multiple speakers and background noise. It preserves the natural details and dynamics of speech, music, and other sounds, so you can hear them clearly and comfortably.

More Sound Amplifier 2.0 amplifies the sounds that are important to you while reducing unwanted noise and feedback. It adapts to your personal preferences and hearing needs. And what you ultimately get is a more natural and satisfying sound.

Wind & Handling Stabilizer reduces the impact of wind and handling noise on your hearing aids, such as when you touch your hair or glasses. Less distraction by unpleasant sounds means increased retention and focus on the sounds that are essential.

Oticon Reals adapts to surroundings and learns

Oticon Real Hearing Aids are trained to identify all the surrounding sounds and respond accordingly. It quickly recognizes changes in sound patterns, relays this information to your brain, and adjusts the sound stage in real time. It gives you better control over hearing challenges in noisy environments so that you can focus on the conversation without getting distracted or overwhelmed.

They can get you connected with a digital world

These state-of-the-art devices also let you listen to your favorite music, stream movies, and shows, or watch TV. Oticon Real Hearing Aid can connect to a variety of devices and stream sound directly to your ears.

  • They connect to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, so you can use them as a wireless headset for hands-free phone and video calls. This way, you can enjoy clear and natural conversations without any background noise or feedback.
  • You can also stream audio from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch®, and select Android devices to your Oticon Real Hearing Aid. Whether you want to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music, you can enjoy high‑quality sound without any wires or accessories.
  • If you want to watch TV without disturbing others or missing any dialogue, you can use Oticon’s TV Adapter to stream sound directly from your TV to your Oticon Real Hearing Aid. You can adjust the volume and balance of the TV sound and the surrounding sounds with your smartphone app or remote control.

A comprehensive solution that restores your hearing

The Oticon Real Hearing Aids is a game-changing product for people with mild to severe hearing loss. They restore lost access to the real sounds of life due to a hearing problem and automatically fill in the gaps. Oticon Reals captures the full sound scene, breaks down the sound into acoustic signals, and sends those signals to your auditory cortex.

With Oticon Reals, you get to experience all the subtle nuances of even complex sound environments while achieving a natural balance between sounds. This allows you to experience a rich sound scene with better clarity and accuracy than ever before.

These hearing aids offer astonishing precision and accuracy to create a natural-sounding experience with enhanced listening. With features like noise cancellation, feedback suppression, and directional microphones, you can be sure that you are getting an incredible listening experience.

Oticon Real

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