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Phonak Lumity

Phonak has announced their newest platform, Phonak Lumity, and will launch the new line with 3 rechargeable models. While the 3 styles do not look much different from the previous Paradise generation, they do offer an upgrade in speech processing and speech understanding.

AutoSense 5.0

Phonak has announced their newest platform, Phonak Lumity, and will launch the new line with 3 rechargeable models. While the 3 styles do not look much different from the previous Paradise generation, they do offer an upgrade in speech processing and speech understanding. There are two interesting features about this new lineup of hearing devices from Phonak:

1) It is the only Phonak platform that is entirely rechargeable
2) The Lumity has improved its performance in speech in noise (when compared to Paradise)

The Lumity platform is now running AutoSense 5.0, but still carries over many of the existing and recently-released features from Phonak, such as Roger compatibility, Bluetooth connection to up to 8 devices and a waterproof model.

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  1. Automatically changes programs in different environments (Autosense OS 5.0)
  2. Best Bluetooth hearing aids for Android devicesa. Can connect up to 8 devices with 2 active at the same time
  3. Excellent Background Noise Reduction capabilities
  4. Great Accessories (Roger microphones) with integrated receivers
  5. Unique features such as Tap Control and ActiveVent receivers
  6. Audeo Lumity Life is 100% waterproof
  7. Terrific Custom Earmolds
  8. Excellent Streaming Audio Customization
  9. Good with CROS technology
  10. MyPhonak App has a lot of customizations


  1. Only Rechargeable options
  2. Custom options are always a generation behind in technology
  3. IIC hearing aid is not Bluetooth
  4. Not good for High Frequency hearing loss when using domes
  5. Does not accept 3D ear scans for earmolds yet
  6. Limited Bluetooth controls because they use Bluetooth Classic
  7. MyPhonak App not compatible with CROS
  8. MyPhonak App is not always stable and some users report issues

Lumity is the Phonak platform launched entirely with rechargeable models

Rechargeable Options

Rechargeable hearing aids have taken over the industry, as the latest lithium-ion rechargeable systems have made everyday hearing aid use more convenient. That being said, this is the first time that a manufacturer has launched a line without a disposable battery option. Reports have suggested that a standard battery option will be launching at a later date.

The 3 Lumity models are:

  • Audeo Lumity R — which is their standard rechargeable model.
  • Audeo Lumity RT — this is similar to the standard RIC model, but with the addition of a telecoil.
  • Audeo Lumity RL — also known as the Audeo Life, this model is waterproof and comes with health tracking capabilities.

Charging options for Phonak Lumity

Launched as a fully rechargeable lineup of models, there are 3 different charger options for the new Lumity hearing devices.

  • The Charger Ease, which is available on the Lumity R and Lumity R-T models.
  • The Charger Case Go, which is available on the Lumity RL (Life) model.
  • The Phonak Life Charger, which works with the Lumity RL (life) and is the essentially the Go model without the power bank.

Phonak ActiveVent is also available in Phonak Lumity

These new smart receivers from Phonak open when you want better speech intelligibility, but then close off when you need better quality music streaming. Phonak ActiveVent is the first smart receiver of its kind in the world. Before ActiveVent, if hearing aid users wanted decent quality streamed music through your hearing aids, they had to remove their open or vented dome/earmold and replace it with an unvented dome or earmold in order to trap in the low-frequencies and achieve that a better bass sound. Lumity wearers will get the best of both worlds when they use the ActiveVent Receiver. When they want higher voice intelligibility, it will stay open. When they want to start streaming music into their hearing aids, it will close to improve quality. In addition to better music quality, ActiveVent users achieve 10% better speech understanding according to Phonak's Field Study.

The main benefits of the ActiveVent are:

  • Better sound quality
  • Better music quality
  • Settings that adapt to your lifestyle
  • A custom-fitted titanium earmold

Lumity has improved on speech understanding in background noise over the previous platform

Speech Understanding

Speech understanding in difficult environments has been the focus of recent developments in hearing technology. To improve on this even further, Phonak has created SmartSpeech Technology. SmartSpeech utilizes Phonak's newest speech processing algorithm, AutoSense 5.0. SmartSpeech has improved speech understanding in 2 key ways:

StereoZoom 2.0

StereoZoom is Phonak's directional microphone program and is an adaptive algorithm that focuses the directional microphones on speech in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or party. Phonak has previously released studies on the positive effect StereoZoom has had on hearing aid users. However, this feature sometimes left patients feeling "boxed in" and may have left users wanting more sound from their sides (or even behind them) in certain situations. With StereoZoom 2.0, Phonak has improved the beam-forming to adapt to the environment and give the patient more of the sound around them. The new myPhonak smartphone app also mow has an option where the user can manually override the StereoZoom when needed.


SpeechSensor is Phonak's new speech detection algorithm. This new program allows Lumity wearers to hear more conversations that are on the sides or behind the wearer. Even though the majority of conversations happen in front of us, there are some speech sounds we do want to hear from the sides or behind us. Lumity users should be able to hear these conversations without having to turn their heads as frequently as before.

Further reading: An Audiologist's Review of the Phonak Lumity

Lumity Feature Review

The Lumity hearing aids have a number of impressive improvements. Here is a list of the top features:

  • AutoSense OS 5.0
  • StereoZoom 2.0
  • A fully rechargeable lineup
  • A telecoil option
  • A waterproof option (Audeo Life)
  • Health tracking option (Audeo Life)
  • myPhonak smartphone app
  • The Phonak ActiveVent receiver
  • Compatibility with Roger

Phonak states that the improvements in Lumity result in a whopping 3.4 dB improvement in speech-to-noise ratio. They also claim a 15% increase in speech understanding when someone is speaking from the side or from behind. With these latest upgrades and fully rechargeable model lineup, the Phonak Lumity could be a great option for many hearing aid users.

Phonak Lumity

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