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Resound One

Resound One Hearing Aids promise to help patients rediscover sound in a profound manner. They are designed to allow patients to experience more authentic sound quality that does not feel artificial.

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Resound One Hearing Aids promise to help patients rediscover sound in a profound manner. They are designed to allow patients to experience more authentic sound quality that does not feel artificial. Rather, this sound quality feels like second nature. These hearing aids have improved sound quality over the previous family of devices. They also have an added microphone in the receiver itself, which changes the function and design of the hearing aid.

Key Features of Resound One Hearing Aids

  • M&RIE (Microphone and Receiver-in-Ear) adds a microphone and receiver inside the ear
  • Better directional sound quality for any environment
  • Ultra Focus creates an ideal one-to-one hearing experience
  • Individualized options to meet most needs even in the color
  • Improved speech communication even in windy conditions
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The M&RIE Difference

One of the most unique components of the Resound One Hearing Aids is the M&RIE design. This is a first in class addition to hearing aids. It positions a microphone and receiver inside the year. In doing so, it allows the patient to college a wide range of sounds from the entire environment around them, which creates a much more realistic experience. In many ways, the sound quality from this feature is far more natural and feels second nature.
The investment in this new technology changes the scope of hearing aids. In many ways, M&RIE allows people to get their own ear acoustics back. When a microphone is placed above the year, which is common in most styles of hearing aids, that acoustic, natural environment is lost. That means that a person hears, but they do not hear in the natural way they used to.

All Access Directionality

M&RIE even improves overall sound quality in difficult environments., For example, it is possible to enjoy natural sounds in the surroundings without creating overpowering wind noise. This works in any environment, from walking along the beach to sitting in a noisy restaurant.
The All Access Directionality of the Resound One helps to make this happen. This feature allows for automatic adjustments based on listening patterns. That means that a person wearing them can sit and enjoy casual conversation and engage without difficulty even when the space is challenging or when the environment is changing on a consistent basis.

UPDATE: There is a newer model from ReSound. Read more about ReSound Omnia.

Ultra Focus

Another key component of Resound One Hearing Aids is called Ultra Focus. It provides the best one-to-one hearing compared to many competitors. In many ways, this makes it easier for you to have a conversation with a person near you, even when the environment is noisy or otherwise difficult. With Ultra Focus activated, it enables the user to hear speech with ease. You do not have to feel as though you are isolated from your surroundings when you are trying to speak to just one person. Again, this contributes to the system’s goal of creating a more natural level of hearing.

Background noise is a part of life, but using Ultra Focus, it is possible for you to focus on the things you need to, like conversations with people around you, even those conversations you may have avoided in the past because they were too hard to make out. Imagine being able to check out at a register in a crowded store and still be able to understand the cashier talking to you.


Resound One Hearing Aids also have ample connectivity options. That means you can connect them to just about anything you need for an improved level of hearing and streaming opportunities. With Resound One, you can connect the hearing aid to phones as well as tablets. That lets you communicate in the way that works for you.
It is also possible to connect directly to your TV. It provides ample versatility in wireless accessories to provide you with more ways to connect to the TV and other devices that you want to use every day. For example, you can link it to your TV so that the sounds from your favorite shows are easily accessible to you directly from your hearing aid, eliminating the need to try and hear them.

More so, connectivity is very simple. It allows for direct connectivity to an iPhone or Android smartphone. This is done right through an app and is simple to connect to. It is then possible to stream audio and wireless calls right to your ears. This type of connectivity is done through the use of stable Bluetooth Low Energy. Users can also count on using hands-free calls from their iPad or iPhone, allowing for FaceTime calls to be easy for users to enjoy. This allows for users to use simple streaming technology to talk and see a loved one right over their device, improving experiences. The Resound One Hearing Aid also allows for wireless headset connectivity. This enables people to make and take calls with ease and without having to hold their phone in their hand while they do so. There is a simple button on the hearing aid to tap to answer the call. This hands free feature allows for better multitasking and allows users to control their ability to communicate quickly and easily.

Recharging and Function

The Resound One Hearing Aids are designed to be easy to use. They feature a premium charger that allows for charging on the go – it can provide up to three days' worth of a charge at once. The standard charger is simple and easy to use. Charge it overnight for a full day of reliable battery life. It is also very easy to monitor battery status from the app on a smartphone. With solid functionality, a comfortable design, and customizable features, the Resound One Hearing Aids provide an exceptional solution for most people. The core benefit comes in the form of more natural sound, including in more challenging environments. At the same time, the functionality of the system is reliable, comfortable, and tailored to fit the needs of busy and active adults. From making a call to streaming a TV show, Resound One provides effortless improvement to hearing.

Resound One

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