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Oticon Own

The Oticon Own stands out in numerous ways. It provides superior audiological performance and blends that with the latest technology and innovation while creating a discreet, hard-to-notice device that is comfortable and highly effective.

BrainHearing™ technology
Deep Learning Network
5 Size & Color Options

The Oticon Own is a hearing aid designed to fit each individual's unique needs and customization options. Just like no two people are alike in what interests them or how they live their life, their hearing needs are just as versatile. With the Oticon Own, it is possible to get an in-the-ear hearing aid that is discreet and designed for the specific needs of the individual. It is a hearing aid that is based on supporting people the way the brain works.

The Oticon Own stands out in numerous ways. It provides superior audiological performance and blends that with the latest technology and innovation while creating a discreet, hard-to-notice device that is comfortable and highly effective. For many people, it is life changing. 

Key Features of the Oticon Own Hearing Aid

  • Features Brain Hearing technology to support the brain’s natural way of functioning, creating a more personalized experience. 
  • Custom solutions to create discreet hearing, with five styles and colors available to match a person’s personal preferences, enabling it to be invisible in 9 out of 10 ears.
  • Deep Neural Network on board to improve the brain’s ability to hear in difficult environments because it is loaded with more than 12 million real-life sounds.
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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Developed using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Custom fit with 5 size options - incredibly discreet
  3. 5 Color options including black and various skin tones
  4. Less listening effort due to MoreSound Intelligence feature
  5. Two-way, hands-free communication from iPhone and iPad devices
  6. Android smartphone streaming


  1. No rechargeable option - all require disposable batteries
  2. Smallest model does not have a push button to change program
  3. Smallest model has no wireless capabilities
  4. CIC model doesn't offer bluetooth connectivity
  5. More severe hearing loss requires larger model

BrainHearing Technology

One of the more unique components of the Oticon Own is its use of BrainHearing technology. This allows the hearing aid to work more like the brain functions. It can do this because it learns through experiences. This technology is built on the Polaris platform, one of the most advanced options in the hearing industry. 

Since it's the brain that does the "hearing," the Oticon Own aims to make that process easier. The ears collect sound, and the brain understands that sound. It’s important to help the brain to “hear" since there is a connection between hearing loss and the onset of cognitive disorders, including a higher risk of dementia. How is it possible to keep the brain working at its highest level? 

With the Oticon Own and BrainHearing technology, there is more access to sound that supports the natural function of the brain. This allows for a more personalized listening experience and ensures that the brain can process information effectively. That means that the average person can stay connected, process every conversation, and enjoy life as they have. 

With features like MoreSound Intelligence turned on within the device, a person is able to hear more with less overall effort. That works to improve overall experiences with the hearing aids and aids in supporting more natural hearing overall.

Deep Neural Network 

The Oticon Own also stands out as the first in-the-earn hearing aid in the world that features Deep Neural Network (DNN) within it. This is a powerful tool as it is trained with 12 million life-like sounds. This allows the hearing aid to adapt to just about any environment to ensure the very best sound quality possible in each. 

This type of technology provides you with more access to sounds. It also works to reduce the effort it takes to listen in difficult situations. Even in noisy or complex environments, the brain is still able to get the information it needs to hear and understand what’s occurring. That could be in a busy meeting at the office or in a restaurant filled with patrons. It automatically works to make it easier for the brain to function in these environments, making it possible to engage more fully in life around you.

Designed to Be Discreet 

At the core of what the Oticon Own does well is creating a very discreet but highly functional hearing aid. It was designed to be hard to see or notice by most people. In fact, in 9 out of 10 ears, it is nearly invisible, making it super hard for anyone to know it is there. Though there are different sizes and styles, the smallest hearing aids are highly discreet tools that allow people to on with their life with the right hearing technology in place. 

The Oticon Own comes in five styles and colors. That allows for the device to fit each person’s personal preference. There is no one-size-fits-all hearing aid out there that works well in all situations. That is why Oticon set out to create custom solutions for individual users. Each one is custom made to the person’s ear, which not only improves sound quality but it also ensures all-day comfort. 

These hearing aids are designed to provide powerful hearing improvement in a very small size. They were designed using state of the art machinery to allow for the very finest of changes and customizations. This includes the use of cutting-edge miniaturization techniques. Oticon then worked to introduce world-class training protocols and turned to trusted professionals to create exceptional craftsmanship. This allows for the development of some of the smallest in-the-ear devices out there. That size means they are very hard to see, but the technology within them is still at the edge of innovation. 

Choose the Model Right for Every Situation

The Oticon Own family is made up of five different in-the-ear styles. Each one comes with a different battery size as well as varied output levels. They are also available in numerous colors and styles to meet the specific needs of each person in terms of performance levels. This includes the following:

  • Oticon Own IIC (Invisible in the Canal) hearing aid
  • Oticon Own CIC (Completely in the Canal) hearing aid
  • Oticon Own ITC (In the Canal) hearing aid
  • Oticon Own ITE HS (Half Shell) hearing aid
  • Oticon Own ITE FS (Full Shell) hearing aid

Connect with Life Around You

The Oticon Own is also uniquely able to help people remain connected to the world around them. It offers a seamless process of connecting with various devices and tools, which makes it easier to hear and connect throughout the day. By creating this type of connection, individuals are able to enjoy conveniences while also remaining comfortable and confident throughout their day. 

  • Two-way, hands-free communication from iPhone and iPad devices is possible. With direct streaming, it is easy for a person to answer the phone or listen to what’s on their device without any limitation on sound quality. 
  • Android smartphone streaming is also enabled on the Oticon Own, allowing for direct connection with phones. 
  • It’s possible to stream sound directly from most TVs using the Oticon TV adapter, making it easy to hear the TV even when there is a crowd of people around.
  • Streaming through compatible Bluetooth devices is possible using the ConnectClip.
  • Also possible is to utilize the Oticon ON app for control of the hearing aid through an app.

Overall, the Oticon Own is designed to make it as easy as possible to connect with devices and tools to make it easy to go through life.

The design improvements made to the Oticon Own enable it to provide not just improvements in hearing but also better ways to integrate new technology that is better for brain-focused hearing into these tiny devices. For example, the new design enabled the company to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity into these devices. As some of the most extensive hearing aid solutions, they have much to offer.

Oticon Own

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