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Starkey Evolv Ai

The Starkey Evolv AI is one of the most well anticipated hearing aids out there. It is considered one of the best innovations in the latest models because of the artificial intelligence that’s built into it as well as the added features that give users more control.

Artificial Intelligence
Custom Earmolds
Sound Quality
Two-way audio

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

UPDATE: The latest hearing aid from Starkey is the Genesis AI.
It is designed to provide effortless hearing that allows people to be better connected to the world around them. The company calls them effortless hearing for effortless living, and that really does ring true.

Key Features of Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

  • Starkey Sound is included, creating the very best in personalized sound with up to 55 million personalized adjustments made every hour. 
  • Realistic and genuine sound quality no matter what the listening environment is
  • Effortless hearing provides an additional 40% reduction in noise energy which works to reduce listening effort, creating a more profound improvement without the hard work that goes with it.
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth technology that enables people to automatically connect to the world around them
  • Two-way audio is included, which creates hands-free conversations that are easy to manage in a wireless environment

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Full lineup of Custom, RIC & BTE devices
  2. Uses Artificial Intelligence for sound processing with Edge Mode
  3. Loaded with App Features (Fall detection, wear time, Find my hearing aids)
  4. Custom and non-custom rechargeable options
  5. Great custom earmolds


  1. Bluetooth stability is not ideal
  2. Limited digital features in programming software
  3. Poor reliability
  4. No dedicated TV Streamer

Starkey Sound

The Starkey Evolv features the most advanced hearing aid technology available from the company, called Starkey Sound. It provides up to 55 million personalized adjustments to sound made every hour they are in use. This expertly designed hearing aid is therefore able to deliver realistic and the most genuine sound quality possible. It does this in all environments, too, which allows people to enjoy hearing more fully and with fewer complications. This type of hearing innovation is being considered one of the best ways for people to improve their hearing quality and create a realistic environment around them.

Effortless Hearing

Starkey Evolv has what the company calls effortless hearing. It offers exceptional sound quality to users. No matter which of the hearing aid models are selected, this technology, which is truly some of the best available, helps to provide a higher level of sound quality. Instead of straining to understand what someone is saying in a noisy room, the hearing aid does the work for the user, creating an additional 40% reduction in noise energy. This helps to make it easier to hear. It also makes it possible for people to enjoy more of the sounds they hear. This is a hearing aid that fits into your life rather than having to make adjustments to your lifestyle to accommodate your hearing ability.

2-way Audio

Another of the new upgrades that come with the Starkey Evolv is the ability to utilize two-way audio. That means that the hearing aid microphones will be able to pick up and then stream voices direct back to your iPhone or to your iPad (depending on the model that you own). That means that when someone calls your phone, you can easily just answer the call and start talking. The sound is streamed right through the hearing aid and does not require a complicated process to set up a connection to your device. As a result, you can enjoy hands-free talking. There is no need to pick up your phone and hold it to your ear. You can just connect to your device with your hearing aid (which can be set up to do so automatically) and then connect and talk as you would like to, with full control over when you do so and when you do not. 

It’s Rechargeable

The Starkey Evolv is a rechargeable hearing aid. That means there is no need to worry about complicated and annoying battery replacements that often can be hard to manage with older and less nimble fingers. It is also super easy to recharge, requiring just popping it into place and forgetting it. There's no complicated process to follow here. These are rechargeable batteries that are the first and only 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids available.

Healthable Technology

Another one of the key benefits that Starkey Evolv offers is called Healthable Technology. That means it can contribute to your overall well-being and health management. It offers activity tracking as one of the features to do this. The hearing aid itself can track the number of steps you take each day, measures all of your movement, and can also monitor for any type of vigorous physical activity you may engage in. That means that you can track just how well you are doing with your fitness goals.

It also offers engagement tracking. This is a feature that can help to monitor you for the health benefits that come from wearing a hearing aid. It tracks things like active listening. That way, you or your health care provider can have a better understanding of how you are engaging with your hearing aid and whether they are working to achieve your goals.

Also notable, the Starkey Evolv also has a built in fall detection and alert system. For those who are older or more prone to falls, having this device in place all of the time when you are wearing your hearing aid can be life changing. It will detect when a person falls, and if it does, it will then send an alert message to the person you've pre-selected to receive that notice. That means there's help available to you when you need it.

Voice AI

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that people engage in life and in the use of their hearing aid. One way that the Starkey Evolv does this is with Voice AI. This type of AI tool is always learning and gaining insight into speech enhancement. That means that it is always working to improve what you hear. It uses the iOS smartphone you have to deliver a higher level of experience to you. If you have a moderate or higher level of hair loss, at 50 dB HL or higher, then you will benefit from the use of this key tool.

Easy Connectivity

By far, one of the best ways that the Starkey Evolv is helping people is by making life easier. That's not just when you are out and about but also when you are at home, thanks to the easy connectivity tools that these devices have. It will effortlessly connect to the world around you when and how you want.

For example, the Starkey Evolv features advanced connectivity tools. That means it will improve the connection to more of the devices you have in your home. You can listen to music at a better level. You can hear your favorite podcast or engage with the programming on the TV with ease. With Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity options, it will automatically connect to the devices you want it to, creating a more enhanced and effortless experience to remain connected.

The Starkey Evolv offers a lot of key features to make hearing easier to do, including the auto on/off features, the remote control feature that allows you to change the volume and switch memories for easier management, and the personalized memories that allow the device to know what you are up to. For those who are looking for a highly intelligent tool that is easy for them to use in their day to day life, this is it.

Starkey Evolv Ai

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