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Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey reimagines what AI-assisted hearing aids can do with their most breakthrough product yet — the Genesis AI Hearing Aids.

Sound Tuning
Neuro Processor
Enhanced Clarity
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Starkey reimagines what AI-assisted hearing aids can do with their most breakthrough product yet — the Genesis AI Hearing Aids. These hearing aids don’t just push the envelope. They rip it apart and set stunning new benchmarks in AI-assisted hearing technology. A revolutionary processor and unparalleled sound tuning and design make up this all-new system, setting a new standard in the industry of hearing aid solutions.

Genesis AI's all-new fitting software is designed to make your fitting experience easier than ever before, no matter where you are—in the office or at home. For those facing the challenges of hearing loss, this technology means enhanced clarity and improved communication in virtually any noisy environment or situation.

Key Features of Genesis AI Hearing Aids

  • Features the all-new Starkey Neuro Processor, an industry-leading processor technology with 6x more transistors, 10x more memory, and 4x faster processing.
  • Its Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine simulates the functions of the cerebral cortex.
  • A powerful engine powered by Starkey’s Neuro Sound Technology is capable of making up to 80 million hearing adjustments in an hour.
  • A huge 20 dB increase in dynamic range over its predecessors, along with one of the lowest noise floors on the market today.
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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Physical comfort
  2. Long Rechargeable Battery Life
  3. Robust App Features
  4. Deep Neural Network
  5. Custom & RIC styles


  1. Poor Bluetooth Stability
  2. Ugly design
  3. Limited programming for streaming sound quality

The All-New Starkey Neuro Processor revolutionizes what hearing technology can achieve

The Starkey Neuro Processor is the company’s newly revamped chipset, with over 600% more transistors than Starkey’s previous-generation Evolv AI chipset. So the Genesis AI Hearing Aids have a tremendous amount of horsepower available, and they use every bit of it to push the hearing technology to the extreme.

The new Genesis AI hearing aids deliver an unprecedented level of performance by using artificial intelligence technology with the ability to think, learn, and adapt in ways that mimic the human mind. They can easily interpret and comprehend your acoustic environment, making listening easier and smoother.

It gives users better speech understanding without ever having to manually adjust their hearing aids. The advanced algorithms behind the Genesis AI process sounds in real-time while using past sound and user preference data to give personalized sound experiences tailored to individual needs. With this sophisticated technology, users can expect a clearer and more precise sound experience than ever before.

Excellent sound isolation

These state-of-the-art hearing aids can accurately isolate sounds from background noise. The feedback reduction system identifies and eliminates any feedback loop issues without sacrificing sound quality and gives users an enjoyable and uninterrupted listening experience. Using sophisticated machine learning and complex pattern recognition, they adapt to more listening situations than ever before.

What this means is that these hearing aids continuously learn and adapt to each environment the user is in, no matter how often they change locations. Whether out for dinner or running around town, Genesis AI will provide customized audio that enhances each individual's lifestyle without compromising convenience or comfort.

A wide dynamic range ensures a crystal clear and transparent hearing experience

With the Genesis AI, Starkey expands the wide dynamic range of their hearing aids by 20 dB, so users can enjoy a truly lifelike listening experience anywhere they go. Neuro Sound Technology further delivers a wide range of neural stimulation and sound optimization features. By combining AI technology with these advanced audio processing techniques, Genesis AI gives users of Starkey hearing aids an immersive sound experience.

People experiencing hearing difficulties can benefit from the superior clarity provided by these revolutionary hearing aids. The company also claims that its new system can achieve noise reduction ten times faster thanks to Genesis AI’s proprietary fitting formula, the eStat 2.0. This means that with the Genesis AI Hearing Aids, you hear exactly what you need to hear while eliminating all distractions.

Genesis AI Hearing Aids do more than just amplify sound

These hearing aids can also work as your personal assistants, your health coaches, and your entertainment hubs. They connect seamlessly with your iPhone or Android devices through the My Starkey app, which gives you complete control over your hearing and well-being.

With My Starkey app, you can:

  • Adjust hearing aid settings, stream calls, and even find lost hearing aids with a variety of hearing control features.
  • Translate languages, set reminders, and take advantage of an array of features that helps you get everything faster.
  • Get help in case of a fall with Fall Detection, the only hearing aid app that can detect falls and alert your family or friends.
  • Optimize sound quality on demand even in tough listening environments with Edge Mode+. This can be easily switched on or off, depending on when you want it.
  • Enjoy music, TV, and more, streamed to your hearing aids from your smartphone or wireless hearing aid accessories with Audio Streaming.

Full-day power with increased battery efficiency

The Genesis AI Hearing Aids are among the longest-lasting rechargeable RICs on the market today. Sleek and discreet design, an energy-efficient chipset, and optimized power delivery come together to provide users with all-day comfort and superior durability. The company claims these hearing aids can last up to 51 hours on a single charge, along with three additional charges from the case, and fast-charging provides juice for three hours of use in just 7 minutes.

Your hearing aids, your way

The Genesis AI Hearing Aids are available in three styles of form factors and seven distinct color options. You can easily find one that suits your personal preferences and style. There is also a special mode that lets users choose what they want the hearing aids to prioritize: listening comfort or speech clarity.

By tapping on your hearing aids or using the app, they can switch between the default, AI-driven "Best Sound" mode that balances both aspects or the EdgeMode+ mode that enhances speech understanding in challenging situations. With EdgeMode+, you can hear better in noisy environments, such as restaurants, parties, or concerts.

With Starkey's Genesis AI Hearing Aids, anyone with listening difficulties can enjoy life to the fullest without compromising on their hearing. They are comfortable, durable, and deliver excellent sound.

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Starkey Genesis AI

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