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Widex Moment

Using machine learning and ZeroDelay technology, the Widex MOMENT provides superior clarity of sound that is pure, natural, and undistorted.

Clear Sound

Widex MOMENT provides superior clarity of sound that is pure, natural, and undistorted. Available in three models, many of which have seen a lot of positive reviews from users, the MOMENT lineup stands out from the rest for numerous reasons. This product aims to ensure that this hearing aid does not sound like a typical hearing aid but instead delivers a pure level of sound quality. It also does that at lightning speed to ensure there is no delay.

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Machine Learning (trainable hearing aids)
  2. Automatic program switching base on environments
  3. Full access to remote programming with Remote Link
  4. Great for Live Music
  5. Good with CROS technology


  1. Not the best looking models
  2. Limited Adjustment bands in programming software
  3. ASHA Bluetooth protocol not good for Android Phones
  4. Requries Remote Link neck loop for remote programming

What Makes Widex MOMENT Different?

The MOMENT strikes out to create a more realistic sound quality. The hearing aid’s goal is to provide the highest level of pure sound. The company states that it does this by eliminating the very slight delay in transmitting data as well as the “tinny” artificial sound many hearing aids produce. Read below about what consumers have reported about their Widex Moment experiences.

What Consumers Have to Say

MOMENT aims to deliver a better level of hearing aid satisfaction than other products. The company sought after consumers to define what they needed to see an improvement in their hearing. The MOMENT hearing aids compare well to many others. The company reports the following information:

  • 91 percent of survey respondents stated they were satisfied with the use of MOMENT for its sound quality
  • 5 times as many respondents were happy with MOMENT’s speech-in-noise abilities compared to other hearing aids
  • 90 percent of respondents stated they were satisfied with how they participate in life when they are using their MOMENT hearing aid

PureSound Technology

MOMENT is able to deliver this higher quality of sound that feels far more natural because of PuresSound. In a traditional hearing aid, the sound processed within the hearing aid hits the eardrum a bit later than the sound that is heard directly. This creates a situation where the two are out of sync. This can create more of an artificial sound for some because these two signals are just slightly different. PureSound aims to correct that.

This hearing aid, then, is able to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for the hearing aid itself to process the sound coming into it. That eliminates that tinny sound that often occurs. Instead, there is one sound that feels more natural.


Another key feature in the Widex MOMENT is TruAcoustics. This feature allows the wearer to have a more personalized fitting. That improved fitting contributes to a highly customized sound. More specifically, those wearing it are less likely to experience the “boominess” that typical hearing aids create.

Another nice feature about TruAcoustics is having a better level of sound quality for your own voice. If you struggle with the perception of your voice, this feature and be an exceptional addition.

Numerous Connection Methods

Another nice benefit of the Widex MOMENT Is that it provides you with more flexibility in the ways it can connect. That means that it can work well for people who are both iOS or Android users. That is important because other hearing aids have more limitations in this area.

With this feature, users are able to stream directly to their MOMENT hearing aid. There is no need, then, to purchase any accessories for it. You can use this connectivity to allow you to hear high-quality calls with ease. It can also help improve music and video sound quality and clarity. It is simple to use, too.

To control the hearing aid, just use the Widex MOMENT app on your smartphone. Not only does this allow you to hear whatever streaming or calling you plan to do better, but it is also possible to fine tune your hearing experience. You get the sound you prefer.
Recharging Features and Methods

Another area where Widex MOMENT stands out is with its ability to recharge. It is purposefully designed to be discreet (as is the hearing aid itself). The mRIC model is the smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid. Even that small, it is super easy to recharge.

There is no need to take out and fiddle with batteries. Instead, the device features a small, simple charger that you can take with you when and where you want. It is very compact, and that makes it easy enough to tuck into a pocket. It features a lithium-ion battery – the smallest one on the market.


Another key feature here is the design of the hearing aid. They are designed to withstand most types of daily wear and tear. One added feature is its ability to reduce moisture damage risk. Moisture is a problem for all hearing aids because even small amounts of it will lead to corrosion. That often leads to failure in function. With the Widex MOMENT, an advanced water resistant nano coating is applied to reduce any type of risk here.

Also, the company has incorporated a smart engineering design to further improve overall structural integrity. That technology helps eliminate common risks – such as a battery door that may create a gap for moisture to come into it. The microphone is also constructed to be very durable.

Making the Right Decision in Hearing Aids

The Widex MOMENT is an impressive lineup of hearing aids for its PureSound features. Not all models offer the same features, but all do offer a higher level of sound quality. The Moment BTE 13 D is an excellent choice for those who want more power, increased battery life, personalized control over sound and intelligent automation. The MOMENT mRIC R D is tiny and offers easy recharging, but it is still quite powerful. No matter which one a person selects, the quality of sound is excellent, and that means engaging more fully in life around you, especially when it comes to your own voice perception.

Widex Moment

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