Should You Choose Oticon, Phonak, or ReSound Hearing Aids?

We live in a time where there has never been better access to advanced technology for hearing aids. Many of today’s top performers are changing the way people with moderate to severe hearing loss are living their lives. It’s truly impressive, but that does not mean every provider is created equal. It also means that the process of selecting a hearing aid is sometimes more complex than you may realize.

Three of the most well-respected and advanced options are Oticon, ReSound, and Phonak, all of which can provide outstanding hearing improvement to those who have significant hearing loss. Which one is best?
There are two things to know. First, any of these companies are going to offer a high-quality product that is likely worth the investment. Second, it is less about the brand than the hearing healthcare professional helping you to get the results that are best for you. Let’s talk about these things with clarity.

Which Brand Is the Best?

Many people ask this, and it is because of the great marketing many hearing aid manufacturers do. Their products are all changing the lives of their customers, and it is easy to see that in any of their ads and informational videos. But choosing one that stands out as the best among them all is hard to do. There is not one brand or one model that works best for everyone. Let’s break down some of the factors that play a role in this decision.

All three of our recommended brands: Phonak, ReSound, and Oticon are considered viable options because of what they offer. They all have automatic technology that works behind the scenes to adjust the sound within the environment you are in, creating the impressive results you need no matter what type of environment you are stepping into. This is one of the most important elements of any successful hearing aid – the ability to fit your needs no matter where you are.

All of these brands also offer connectivity features. That means the hearing aids can connect directly to the other technology that people are already using within their daily lives. This includes connections through Bluetooth. They can connect to your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices in your home like your TV, radio, or others that allow you to then listen and engage with ease.

Key Features That Help These Brand Stand Out

There are some key features that we look for in the most advanced hearing aids available. In short, when possible to do so, we recommend these hearing aids because they provide better connectivity and functionality.

  • Remote programming: Imagine not having to come in every time your hearing aid needs to be programmed or updated. Some of the best tools offer this type of telehealth feature.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: This is really an area that has changed the function of hearing aids today. Our top recommended brands all offer Bluetooth connectivity, which means that your hearing aid can directly link up to the other Bluetooth technology in your life, giving you the ability to directly stream right to your device.
  • Artificial intelligence: One of the best and most advanced features, AI is changing the way that hearing aids work for the best. They are not only providing better sound quality, but they have the ability to keep learning about speech, enhancing the quality of sound you hear.
  • Activity sensors: Having built-in activity sensors is one of the best ways to encourage physical and social activity. Those with hearing loss are often likely to withdraw from life, but with these devices, you no longer have to do that. And, your loved ones can help to check that you are, in fact, engaging with your life fully thanks to these sensors.

What Factors Play a Role in This Decision?

To decide which hearing aid brand or product is best suited for a person, we need to take into consideration a range of factors about their needs and lifestyle. This includes:

  • What level of connectivity do you want and need? For example, if you have significant hearing loss and watch a lot of TV or love to listen to podcasts, you need a device that offers great connectivity.
  • The severity of your hearing loss also matters. Some hearing aids from these brands are better suited to those who have more profound hearing loss than others have.
  • Do you have health problems like dementia or a fall risk that could benefit from health monitoring tools? Some devices offer more flexibility in these than others.
  • Do you need a device that offers a simple and easy way to recharge your batteries? For those who have vision conditions like macular degeneration or those with finger dexterity concerns, ensuring it is easy to charge the device is very important.
  • What types of environments do you spend time in? Some devices are fully waterproof, so you don’t have to give up your ability to hear on a rainy day or when you are sweating in the gym. Other devices are great because they adjust to noisy environments automatically, giving you more of a sense of natural sound even when there are a lot of noises around you.

These are some of the most important features when it comes to making a decision about which brand of hearing aid to recommend. We want to ensure the hearing aid selected fits your needs and that you do not have to adjust your life around that device.

Why Choose a HearingUp Provider?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing a hearing aid, and your hearing healthcare professional will know that and tell you the same. That is, you cannot just select a brand, but instead, you need to choose a brand that fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals. You should also not feel rushed into a decision since there are so many options to consider.
Choosing the right hearing healthcare professional, like one of our HearingUp network providers, going to provide you with:

  • Access to all of the most innovative and best types of hearing aids on the market – one of which will work well for your needs
  • Excellent service in learning about the various product options and why one may be better for you
  • Best Practice hearing aid fittings, including the use of Real Ear Measurements to ensure an accurate programming
  • Resounding support for your best comfort since this can be one of the most difficult aspects of hearing aids to master, especially for those with first time use
  • Hearing testing to ensure that there is a full understanding of the type of technology that will best suit your specific needs
  • Help in choosing features, like telehealth, remote programming, and Bluetooth capability that are actually right and beneficial to you

Most people today will find a hearing aid that works to improve the severity and configuration of your hearing loss. Without a doubt, you will need to choose the right type and style, but what’s right for you isn’t based on a brand. It is also not based on the specific price points of those brands. Instead, it should be chosen with the help of an experienced professional who takes careful consideration of your needs, lifestyle, fit, and overall budget.

Our Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide

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Brianna Cole
Student, Audiology Assistant

Brianna Cole is a second year Doctorate of Audiology student at Arizona State University, where she is co-president of the Student Academy of Audiology chapter. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Science at the University of British Columbia. She started her career in Audiology at Applied Hearing Solutions as Dr. Cliff Olson's direct Audiology Assistant. A hearing aid user herself, Brianna is passionate about helping people hear their absolute best.

Student, Audiology Assistant

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