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Oticon More

Oticon More Hearing Aids provide a higher level of clarity and better hearing, allowing users to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Battery Life
Sound Processing
BrainHearing™ technology
Compact device

What makes these hearing aids different is their built-in intelligence. This helps the device process and utilize sounds more efficiently, allowing it to make better sense of sounds. This improved quality enables the device to provide the brain with better, enhanced, and clear sound information it needs to allow you to hear more of the sounds surrounding you. With the Oticon More, you are able to understand speech at a higher level, without as much effort put towards the listening process. It allows you to remember more, enjoying a higher quality of life than ever before.

Key Features of the Oticon More:

  • Increases speech understanding by as much as 15 percent
  • Provides 16 times more capacity to execute advanced algorithms to improve sound quality and information
  • Offers twice the computation speed of competitor products
  • Features Deep Neural Network (DNN) solutions for 12 million sounds

IMPORTANT: This is a legacy product. For the newest devices in the Oticon lineup, please see Oticon Intent hearing aids.

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Dr Cliff's Pros and Cons


  1. Developed using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Keeps listening landscape open even in background noise
  3. Minimal need to change programs
  4. Compatible with Apple Watch
  5. Excellent Custom Earmolds
  6. Up to 24 adjustment bands in programming software
  7. Excellent for High Frequency Hearing Loss when using Domes or Earmolds
  8. Good with CROS technology


  1. Doesn’t have a small size option
  2. ASHA Bluetooth not good for Android Phones
  3. Often require retention filaments when using domes
  4. Limited digital features available in professional programming software
  5. Limited Streaming Audio Customization

Oticon More Is Designed for Brain Support

To create improved sound, the Oticon More offers BrainHearing™ technology. This cutting edge hearing aid technology provides the brain with more of the necessary information it needs to gather sound and make better sense of it. That allows for an improved understanding of speech patterns and language. In addition to this, the device is designed with enhanced features to provide a higher level of result.

To do that, it delivers as much as 30 percent more sound to the brain than other hearing aids on the market. It’s noted for its ability to increase speech understanding by as much as 15 percent.

The BrainHearing™ technology enables people to reduce their listening effort by as much as 30 percent, allowing you to get the results you need – improved hearing, better ability to use information, and better function for your brain.

Stop Missing the Sounds You Want to Hear

One of the main benefits of investing in Oticon More hearing aids is because it can help provide you with better access to sound quality. Oticon More also features Deep Neural Network (DNN). This unique technology is embedded directly into the hearing aid chip. It's the first hearing aid in the world to offer this state-of-the-art technology, and that means you benefit from a wide range of improvements.

DNN is unique in that this technology is trained on more than 12 million real life sounds. These are sounds capable of providing your brain with more of the necessary information it needs to actually gather and decipher the sounds it picks up. This allows for it to provide the brain with more intricate and relevant sounds.

What does this mean for your brain and your hearing?

  • The DNN chip that’s in the Oticon More has the ability to recognize more than 12 million sounds. As a result of this, the hearing aid is able to recognize virtually all of the sounds that you may come into contact with, ensuring you do not miss out on anything.
  • To provide this enhanced level of sound information, the DNN component in this device learns more in the way the brain does by gathering information and learning from it over time.

All of this delivers the results you need to function in life more commonly and fully. The DNN chip helps ensure you have better speech understanding without as much effort to accomplish it. What's more, it continues to work in any environment, including in noisy spaces where other types of hearing aids typically do not work as well.

Enjoy More Conversations Fully

The Oticon More enables people to remain in connection to the world around them by providing an enhanced level of sound quality. It also offers a wide range of connectivity options for users. That helps to ensure that every opportunity provides you with the ability to enjoy high quality listening experiences. You can move through your day with confidence because you can hear and understand what’s occurring around you more thoroughly.

Some of the core connectivity options that the Oticon More offers include:

  • iPhone® and select Android device direct streaming service
  • Make hands free calls using any smartphone
  • Connect a remote microphone using ConnectClip to allow for making phone calls
  • Use the Oticon ON App to allow for discreet control over the hearing aid, including changing frequencies and sound levels
  • Directly stream sounds from your favorite tablets, computers, TVs, and other devices using the adapter provided

Long Lasting Function

The Oticon More is designed to provide long-lasting function, enabling users to stay connected to the world around them consistently. It features Oticon More miniRITE R. This is a lithium-ion-based rechargeable battery. It provides reliable power for a full day of use (keep in mind that this can change from time to time).

This level of battery life is long enough for the typical person to stream sound for hours on end. Full charging takes about three hours to reach full capacity. Recharging is easy to do but is not required as often as other competitors, thanks to the high quality and advanced battery included within it. These are not disposable batteries, which means you do not have to replace them frequently, which means less cost to worry about on a consistent basis.

A quick charge feature is also available. This allows for the batteries to be charged within 30 minutes. The quick charge provides up to an additional six hours of power to keep users going.

While providing all of these features, the Oticon More is stylish and hard to see. It’s designed to be a simple, compact device that is easy to carry around for day-to-day use. It’s a comfortable, do it all hearing aid designed with some of the latest technology available.

It is available in 8 colors to match any style. It's designed for the active lifestyle and those who want hands-free communication from their devices and a hearing aid that meets today's most challenging needs.

For more information, check out the Oticon More vs Phonak Paradise comparison.

Oticon More

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