The Top 5 Invisible Hearing Aids

For individuals considering hearing aids, one of the main concerns is what other people will think when they see the device in your ear. While this may not seem like something that is important, for many people, it very much is. But the look of the hearing aid does not mean you have to give up on treating your hearing loss. Rather, consider the value of turning to an invisible hearing aid.

Hearing aid manufacturers have done an excellent job of making hearing aids smaller and smaller. Each time they do, they make it even harder for someone to see the device when it is in the ear. In fact, some are so small that even when looking into the ear, it’s hard to notice them. While in-the-ear hearing aids are difficult to see, they can work just as effectively as other styles of hearing aids and can provide exceptional improvement for both clarity and volume.

Keep in mind that hearing aids need to be selected based on your specific needs. As a result, not all hearing aids work for all people. To help you to learn which one may align with your needs, seek the assistance of a hearing healthcare professional. In the meantime, we reviewed 5 of the best invisible hearing aids in 2022 on the market to get you started. 

Oticon Own IIC

The Oticon Own invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid is by far one of the best discreet options - in fact, in 9 out of 10 cases, it is considered invisible and unable to be seen. It comes in five styles and colors to match your specific needs, allowing it to blend in even more.

The size aside, this hearing aid has a lot to offer users, starting with BrainHearing technology that’s built into the devices. This signal processing strategy offers sound support that works the way your brain naturally works to hear. This creates an improved, personalized listening experience, allowing your brain to process sounds effectively and continue conversations with ease.

Oticon More and Own devices are the only hearing aids on the market that feature an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). The DNN utilizes processing from over 12 million real-life sounds and applies this processing to the sounds you encounter in your life to help separate speech from background noise. This means that even in a complex listening environment, this device can pick up on the sounds carefully, reducing the amount of work your brain has to do to listen. 

Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a proven choice. The company has been manufacturing invisible, extended-wear hearing aids for over 10 years and recently launched their fourth-generation products. Lyric hearing aids are virtually because they are placed in-office just 4 mm away from your ear drum. Even if a person looks directly into your ears, they are not likely to see it. It is now available in seven different sizes, which helps ensure there’s an option to fit everyone’s needs.

The Phonak Lyric offers some premium features. For example, the device remains in your ear 24/7, allowing you to hear without having to stop to replace a battery. It also allows you to wear the devices to bed, solving the dilemma of having to sleep at night without being able to hear. Lyric devices remains in the ear canal for two months at a time and is exchanged in office by your hearing healthcare professional. There are several medical contraindications that can disqualify a user from being a candidate, so be sure to speak with your hearing healthcare professional. If you are a frequent swimmer, sky-diver, or have to receive frequent MRIs, these devices may not be for you. 

Lyric is also one of the best options for the treatment of tinnitus because you can wear it all of the time. Auditory stimulation delivered via hearing aids has been shown to reduce the perception of tinnitus for over 60% of tinnitus patients. These devices are often well loved by those that use them, and it is hard to find anything that is better than them when it comes to 24-hour use. Keep in mind it is purchased on an annual subscription basis, and that can make it a bit more expensive for some.

Starkey Evolv Ai Non-Wireless IIC

Starkey is another well-known and appreciated hearing brand, and with good reason. Starkey just released a new lineup of custom hearing aids, including the Starkey Evolv AI IIC. This is the smallest device in the new product lineup, and also happens to be one of the smallest IIC hearing aids on the market today. It is a daily wear device which means you will put it in the morning and take it out at night or when showering, replacing the size 10 battery as needed.

Starkey is well recognized for their custom products, including using 3D scans of the outer ear to help ensure a deep and comfortable fit. Because of the size of the device, output from the hearing aid is limited. This device is best used by those who have mild to moderately-severe levels of hearing loss. It is not ideal for those who have more significant hearing loss.

Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium IIC

The Phonak Virto Paradise Titanium IIC is a super thin and highly durable hearing aid in that it is not made of the typical acrylic shell that other products have. Rather, the shell is made from titanium. Because titanium is much stronger than acrylic, the titanium is much thinner, allowing for an ultra-deep fit. They can also have an exterior coating texture added to them for retention if needed. This helps the hearing aids remain in position without movement while in the ear canal. 

Another nice feature of this hearing aid is that it can have a push button added to it to increase or decrease volume, or change programs. However, the need for adjustments is unlikely as the hearing aid operates using AutoSense. This automatic program detects the type of acoustic environment you are in and automatically switches you into the best programming settings for that circumstance. The hearing aids are also highly customizable, allowing your hearing aid professional to individualize your listening experience.

Signia Silk X (Xperience) CIC

The Signia Silk X CIC is a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid, which is typically a bit larger than an invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid. However, Silk hearing aids are instant fit devices, meaning they are not built using custom ear scans/impressions. Rather, the devices utilize “Click Sleeves” which come in varying sizes and acoustic characteristics. When you go in for your appointment, your hearing care professional will determine which click sleeve needs to be attached to the hearing aid. Because they are not custom built, instant fit devices can arrive from the manufacturer quickly and repairs can be completed swiftly as they will not require any custom components. 

Signia Silk X is currently the only instant-fit CIC prescription hearing aid on the market.  The devices are built using the Signia Xperience processing chip and are extremely customizable. Although the devices do not have streaming capabilities, the hearing aids can still pair up to the Signia app for volume and programming adjustments. 

Which Hearing Aid Is Best for You?

Any of these top five invisible hearing aids for 2022 is going to be a solid bet for you even when you do not want anyone to know you have a device in place. Keep in mind that, beyond any doubt, these hearing aids need to be selected with the help of a hearing aid professional to ensure that you choose the most appropriate device for your needs.

Our Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide

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